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Careers in Aviation May Be Some of the Best for Veterans

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012
Air New Zealand 767

Many Veterans are choosing aviation as a career - photo courtesy of Brandon Farris

By Angela Ballard

Jobs in the aviation industry span a wide range of skill sets and experience levels; for those leaving the military, according to CNN Money and’s list of great careers in 2011, Aviation Program Management and Airline Pilot are two of the best careers to pursue.

The median pay for Aviation Program Managers is $115,000 and the 10-year job growth rate is approximated at 7%.  Depending on what your military experienced entailed, you may not even need project management certification.

For veteran military pilots, the CNN report states that there are a few reasons why becoming a commercial pilot is appealing. Flying a commercial aircraft provides a family-friendly environment that is great for pilots with young children. A career as a civilian pilot means most of your time will revolve around flying (while rising in military ranks generally means flying less). Though there are over a million pilots in the US already (you can find a pilot in the FindTheBest database), the 10-year job growth is approximated at 8%, which is an addition of about 60,000 jobs.

Switching to a civilian pilot career means getting an FAA flight certification; the protocol for converting a military certification depends on the type of aircraft you flew. is a great resource for finding VA approved flight certification programs. FindTheBest also has a database of FAA Medical Examiners to make finding an examiner, to issue or reissue a pilot medical certificate, as easy as possible.  Jobs in the aviation industry are growing, and for those with the incredible training and experience the military provides, a career in aviation is a great option.

Angela Ballard works for FindTheBest, where you can compare colleges, find the best ski resorts, and more.

Utah Helicopter Adds New Instructor to Idaho Location

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Jake Clark is the newest team member at Utah Helicopter's Pocatello, Idaho location

Jake Clark hired as helicopter instructor

Utah Helicopter would like to announce that


has been hired as a helicopter instructor at our Pocatello, Idaho location. Jake is a valuable asset to the Utah Helicopter Flight Academy team and we are glad to have him on board–this time as an instructor.

Arizona Helicopter School Donates Helicopter to Sheriff’s Office

Thursday, January 19th, 2012
Guidance Helicopter donated this R44

Yavapai County Sheriff's Robinson R44 helicopter donated by Guidance Aviation

Prescott, Arizona (January 19, 2012) – On Friday, January 20, 2012, at 4:00pm local time, Guidance Aviation will be presenting to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) the newly painted Robinson R44 helicopter which Guidance Aviation donated to the YCSO in October, 2010.  This event is a part of the Guidance Aviation BBQ taking place at 6418 MacCurdy Drive, Prescott, AZ. 86301, south ramp of the Prescott Airport in front of Guidance Aviation building.

Present at the event will be Sheriff Mascher, Sheriff Waugh (retired), Commander Russell, Lt. Newnum, Dwight Develyn (YCSO Media/Crime Prevention Coordinator), Board Members and other deputies of YCSO.  Guidance Aviation faculty, flight students and families will be present as well.  Helicopter and Airplane Rides will be provided by Guidance Aviation in addition to food and beverages being served at the event.  City officials and Media are invited.

Guidance Aviation is the first FAA Part 141 High Altitude Helicopter flight training facility in the U.S., specializing in helicopter and airplane flight training.  The Yavapai College
Professional Pilot Program, Helicopters, is VA Approved, Chapter 33 benefits for veteran helicopter flight training.

“I Want To Be A Professional Pilot” Photo Contest

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Go to our Facebook Page and enter the “I Want To Be A Professional Pilot” Photo – Video contest.   Upload your favorite aviation photo or video with the caption “why YOU want to become a professional pilot” to our Facebook page and you could WIN a new GoPro camera!

Utah Chief Pilot Takes Icy Plunge for Special Olympics

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

mountain ridge helicopters logo

Help Mountain Ridge Helicopters raise $1,000 for the Special Olympics

Mountain Ridge Helicopters is helping to raise money for the Special Olympics by participating in the 2012 Polar Plunge!

Have you dreaded the stage checks! Have you lost sleep the night before because you knew you were going to be tested on your flying skills…well fret no more…it’s time for payback!

How would you like to see Chief Pilot Matt Smith plunge into some icy cold water!

Well he told us he would if we could raise money for the Special Olympics 2012 Polar Plunge. OUR GOAL IS $1000, I think we can do it!

Then join us Saturday January 21st to watch the big event!

We are accepting donations at the following website or make a donation via paypal with email

Arizona Helicopter School Performs Search and Rescue

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Guidance Aviation Instructor Pilots Shannon Bowman (PIC) and Ben Lewis (Spotter) took off at approximately 0900 on Thursday, January 12, 2011 to search for a man who was low on fuel and lost while driving through mountainous terrain.  Heading south just west of Black Canyon City to the GPS coordinates that were provided to the Guidance Pilots by YCSO, the Guidance crew made contact with Sheriff Tom Frank (Frank51) and quickly located the jeep and driver.  The Guidance crew then began searching for a trail that the jeep could use to exit the area.

Arizona helicopter school search and rescue pilot

Shannon Bowman piloting the Guidance R44 in Search and Rescue

A trail for the jeep was quickly found by the Guidance helicopter crew and the jeep began to exit.  As the jeep did so, a driver and passenger of another vehicle with a flat tire were founding walking and the jeep was able to give those people a ride out of the mountainous terrain (a two for one!).

After about an hour on site, the Guidance crew departed from the scene.  As they did so, they viewed Frank51 making contact with the jeep and occupants, assisting them the rest of the way down the mountain.

Click here to learn more about Guidance Aviation.

Aviation Training: iso9001 certification and Six Sigma Certification

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Take a look at many of the most successful companies around the globe and you will find that their leadership often follows Six Sigma strategies for process improvement and iso9001 for quality management. For professionals looking for leadership advancement in the airline industry, these certifications often go hand in hand and become part of the total package of what turns the skills and experience of a good leader into a highly sought after great leader. Whether you are a pilot in the military or in private industry, these two management tools are prevalent across a wide variety of companies.

Six Sigma in Aviation Management

Professionals with Six Sigma certification offer employers the competitive edge and best practice standardized skill set to address many of the challenges present in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. For leaders in aviation, Six Sigma training gives managers the collective language to create ongoing change within the organization that is responsive to data indicators collected from several divisions. Using data to drive goals and being able to make mid stream adjustments are two strengths of Six Sigma when it comes to reducing downtime, increasing client confidence, and driving up profitability. Six Sigma strategies improve the processes that drive business while at the same time allowing room for innovation. Airline professionals with Six Sigma training are widely sought after by private and governmental entities.

ISO 9001 in Aviation Management

Iso9001 complements Six Sigma strategies through providing a framework for overall quality management that is highly adaptable. Pilots and other airline leaders who have taken the time to gain certification through one of the nationally ranked and fully accredited programs offer employers a body of knowledge that has proven success across many global industries. Coupled with Six Sigma training, comprehensive leadership acumen increases the chances for rapid advancement in private and governmental aviation settings. Iso 9001 tools give professionals the vocabulary, skill set, and vision to implement ongoing quality management assessment and make adjustments necessary to gain and or retain competitive edge.

Industry Advantage

From Cessna to Boeing and from the United State military, to private contractors who supply services to governmental bodies, Six Sigma and iso9001 certification is part of the standard corporate practice that lead to success as an aviation manager. While many successful companies adapt these theories to fit corporate culture and goals, Six Sigma training and Iso9001 certification is part of the desired body of knowledge sought after by hiring professionals. Bolstering a professional airline resume with Six Sigma certification and iso9001 training are powerful investments that let current industry leaders know that you are willing to invest in the skills and knowledge necessary for long term professional growth. For more information on current Six Sigma applications in the airline industry see:


Professionals in any field looking toward the future for long term growth and opportunity would be wise to invest in business process and quality management programs that offer a standardized body of knowledge that is recognized globally for applicability and quality. Six Sigma and iso9001 certification jump of the resume as perhaps the most sought after and ubiquitously accepted benchmark for leadership excellence across todayís global marketplace. For pilots looking to increase marketability across a wider range of opportunities, Six Sigma certification and iso9001 training offered through a highly ranked and fully accredited online program allows professionals to learn from industry leaders, network and gain professional mentoring, associate with a more elite group of peers, and appeal to a constantly evolving global business sector. Leaders who exhibit the tools to drive the evolution of an industry in tough economic times as well as in times of prosperity will always be in demand. Six Sigma and Iso9001 certification just might be the co-pilot your professional development needs to make sure the ups and downs of an aviation career has the resilience necessary to make all your corporate landings as smooth and successful as possible.

By Grant Webb with Villanova University’s online programs. Grant works with countless aviation professionals by directing them to the most appropriate Six Sigma Training and Six Sigma Certification programs.