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Why Choose A College or University Flight Training Program

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

We Probably Don’t Need To Tell You How Important A College Degree Can Be — Even For Pilots — But, Just In Case!

should pilots get college degrees?This is one of the questions that we hear about most frequently. Traditionally, pilots may have just sought their required flight certification before setting out on establishing themselves in their chosen industry and getting their career underway. Well, that process was actually pretty similar across the board for all kinds of industries in America. There used to be a much more established pathway to get a job. Back then, an individual had a vocation.

However, the world and the economy have changed dramatically over the last 30+ years, and the rules are slightly different now — and that’s good news for some pilots.

If you’re a longtime reader of ours, by now you know about the pilot shortage that is affecting us industry-wide. Whether you’re a fixed wing student or an old school helicopter pilot — sometimes it seems like that’s all you hear about. You can probably examine your own experiences for a personal perspective on the shortage.

It can be a while before pilots in many industries are able to get the most desirable jobs, simply because it can take some time to get the flight hours necessary to qualify for a lot of those jobs.

But what if we told you there was a way to shorten the wait to get access to some of the aviation industry’s top jobs?

Well, a large number of employers look rather favorably upon a college degree. That’s one of the main reasons that Upper Limit Aviation has always sought to partner up with some of the best aviation college and university programs in the country. We never focus on the minimum requirements, we look at every aspect of our program and try to dream up the most beneficial situation for our students.

A college degree will not only help you get a better job, it will make you a more well rounded person. It will make you more knowledgeable, both in terms of what you may learn in a classroom and about the world and people.

And that’s what we need, and it’s what the best employers out there are looking for.

To learn more about how a college degree and flight training go hand in hand, call Upper Limit Aviation at 1-855-HELIEDU.

Where Is The Future Of Aviation Headed?

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Depends On Who You Ask, But Some People Are Betting On India

future of aviation may be in India for some pilotsThere’s some pretty reliable voices in the industry suggesting that India’s aviation industry is about to undergo an incredible growth spurt.

China gets a lot of the press, with Chinese airlines regularly poaching top US aviation talent to overhaul an industry that is facing an epic personnel shortage. But just as likely to be a source for sustained international opportunities for US pilots is India.

India has attracted the attention of both business and the US government to help develop infrastructure, build new airports and undertake regulatory modernization.

Basically, the growing middle class in India is being serviced by new air carriers and that has led to a dramatic rise in travel rates across the region. Additionally, the Indian government recognizes the need for expansion in order to meet the needs of business development.

Just like in China, this means that there will be burgeoning opportunities for US pilots to go and meet the shortfall for qualified pilots. And similarly to China, this could mean a big boost in pay and a reduction in the time required to advance in your career.

Granted, making an international move, and one that’s admittedly quite a drastic shift in cultural norms from our own, is not for everyone. But especially for single pilots, this could be an opportunity that affirms why you got into flying in the first place.

Making the decision to become a pilot is one of the most dramatic decisions you can possibly make. You’re not just choosing a job, you’re choosing a pathway for life. And pilots often naturally embrace adventure.

If you leave yourself open to adventure, you may have the opportunity to make profound discoveries. Learn what’s waiting for you in your future career as a pilot with access to incredible international opportunities, by calling Upper Limit Aviation at 1-855-HELIEDU.

The Number of New Commercial Pilots Needed Will Blow Your Mind

Monday, October 7th, 2013

You’re Not Going to Believe The Opportunities That Await Tomorrow’s Commercial Pilots

boeing forecasts 500,000 new jobs for commercial pilotsYou hear all the time about the pilot shortage. Sometimes you’ll hear old timers say that the shortage is a myth. Well, maybe these guys are just feeling the pressure from the young guys nipping at their ankles as they get set to retire. Maybe they are not aware that the economic recovery is in full swing, and that the aviation industry is back and better than ever. Or maybe they just haven’t read the most recent report issued by Boeing.

Because if they had read the Boeing report, they’d know that airlines are expected to need to hire about 500,000 pilots in the next 19 years if they want to meet global aviation demand. Yes, you read that right. That’s a half a million new pilot jobs. Not just half a million pilots total, but half a million new pilots. That works out to about 25,000 pilots per year.

With the retirement age for pilots set at a mandatory 65 years of age, new regulations requiring airlines to lengthen the amount of time that pilots have to rest, global industry growth and robust US aviation business, there’s a perfect storm of factors that create the ultimate, ideal job market for tomorrow’s commercial pilots.

When Boeing Is Talking About Opportunities for Commercial Pilots, You Can Rely On the Information

Boeing should know a thing or two about aviation growth, because they base their forecasts on industry trends related to how many aircraft airlines are buying, and are projected to buy.

This may be old news for many pilots, who have been witnessing the formation of the pilot shortage for years now, but the information is just now starting to trickle into the mainstream media.

One industry analyst quoted in that article reports that “The major U.S. airlines are just beginning the longest and largest pilot hiring binge in history.”

There’s practically never been better news for pilots.

The pilot of tomorrow will be expected to be highly trained, using the latest techniques on industry bellweather equipment. Upper Limit Aviation can offer students a competitive training program, partnered with incredible educational opportunities thanks to our relationships with accredited colleges and Universities, such as Mid South Community College and Southern Utah University.

Don’t delay your future, while there will be plenty of opportunities to go around, the best jobs always get filled first. If you’re ready to ride your ticket to future success, call 1-855-HELIEDU to find out what kind of opportunities Upper Limit Aviation can offer tomorrow’s commercial airplane pilots.