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Documentary “Reunited”, Produced by Guidance Aviation, Celebrated at Prescott Film Festival

Monday, July 20th, 2015


“Reunited”, the short documentary of Arizona resident Barney Wasowicz, U.S. Military Veteran, pilot, and POW, will be celebrated at the 2015 Prescott Film Festival as an “Official Selection” on Sunday, July 26th at 1:00pm.

The film, produced by Guidance Aviation in early 2015, portrays the untold true story of a WWII pilot being reunited with one of the nation’s remaining B-26s, the same aircraft he was shot down in over occupied France 71 years ago on his 18th mission.
In his own voice, Wasowicz shares his emotional journey, memories of his crewmen, and 16 agonizing months in a German prison camp while remaining devout in honoring his fellow Veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice during one of the most important and costliest wars in U.S. history.
Film Teaser:

The Prescott Film Festival runs Wed, July 22nd – Sun, July 26th.  This is the film festival’s 6th year. For more info, go 



FAA Allows Commercial Operation for the Black Hawk Helicopter

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015


The Black Hawk Helicopter’s Role in Military

The Black Hawk helicopter was designed by Sikorsky in the early 70’s to replace the army’s UH-1 Huey. It began to be utilized in 1979, and is still a vital component of military operations. It’s effectiveness for transport of troops, search and rescue, Special Operations and other battlefield assignments has made it a very necessary part of our military’s arsenal, and should be a part for the next few years. However, according to the National Defense Magazine, “the helicopter designs used by the various military branches are at least 30-50 years old.” The Apache attack helicopters and the Sikorsky Black Hawks have both been in use for around 40 years. Because of this, the Army has instituted a plan they call “Future Vertical Lift”, which will include up to four new helicopter models over the span of the next 20 years. One of the proposed replacements is what the Army calls a “ultra” helo that will be so large that it can carry off missions that only the fixed-wing C-130 transport plane can handle.

The New FAA Regulation

Now, with the Black Hawk facing a phase-out based on the plans for new models in the future, it seems that the circumstances may have laid the groundwork for the FAA issuing what is called a “groundbreaking new regulation” pertaining to the commercial operations of the Black Hawk. This restricted-category type certification to (Black Hawk) helicopters will allow commercial operations of the Sikorsky UH-60A for firefighting and other special operations such as aerial crane, contruction and film production. Now, more than the 60 UH-60A recently sold by the U.S. Army, can be used for commercial purposes. Firehawk Helicopters first obtained approval for this certification. This is the first certificate of its kind to be given to a privately-held company. Now, Firehawk Helicopters, Brown Helicopter, and Dynamic Aviation either have or have available for purchase 40 plus UH-60/S-70‘s.

Commercial Uses

The Black Hawk can now be used in multiple commercial scenarios, but one is probably not needed more that its firefighting capabilities. Typically, in a firefighting mission, the smaller helicopters are first on the scene; then, the “heavy lifters” such as the Firehawk Black Hawks are sent in to fight the largest, most threatening fires. The big Black Hawks can safely carry huge 900-gallon buckets, and have cruising speeds of 160-200 MPH, which enables it to access the fire quickly. As the demands of the private sector increase in the areas of border patrol, law enforcement and emergency services, and the increasing needs created by natural disasters (such as Hurricane Katrina), more non-military helicopters such as the Black Hawk, can now be made available.