Air Traffic Control Career: What kind of jobs are available?

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If you’re considering an air traffic control career, but you’re not sure where you can work, keep reading for more information about the air traffic control facilities where air traffic controllers work.

In our new article Air Traffic Control Career: Where can I work, we run down the 3 major air traffic control facilities that employ air traffic controllers across the nation, such as air traffic control towers and TRACONs. The following is just a sample of the article, be sure to click through to read the whole thing:

Last but not least, en-route controllers handle all the airspace between major metropolitan areas. They typically work in dedicated facilities that are much larger than airport towers known as “centers.” The center controllers work together to handle all traffic in specific regions by relying on long-range radar and radio services. Once an aircraft is near its destination, the center controller will hand it off to approach control, who in turn will sequence the aircraft before handing it off to the tower controllers who will issue the landing clearance.

Air traffic controllers are an essential element of the aviation formula. They allow pilots to focus on flying their aircraft by providing weather services and helping pilots maintain separation in the sky. While the job may not come with as much glory as the pilot, air traffic controllers are the linchpin that keep the entire system safe and efficient… read more >>

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