Aircell says bye-bye to name, will now be Gogo

Aircell, the company that provides Internet service on airlines under the Gogo brand, is changing its name to Gogo.

“”Over the years, we’ve built a lot of equity in the Gogo brand, and it has truly become a brand that travelers love,” Gogo executive vice president and chief marketing officer Ash ElDifrawi said Friday. “So changing our company name from Aircell to Gogo was really an easy decision.”

Gogo, nee Aircell, also announced it is morphing from just the Internet provider to a seller of products, ” an in-air e-commerce and media brand.”

“As we continue to introduce innovative new products, our customers will quickly recognize that Gogo is more than just a Wi-Fi company,” ElDifrawi said in Gogo’s announcement. “They’ll see that Gogo has evolved into an entertainment, e-commerce and media company in-air, online.”

The company said it will keep using the Aircell name for its business aviation group.

Gogo is the predominant provider of Internet access on commercial aircraft. It uses ground-based stations to link with aircraft. A competitor, Row 44, uses a satellite-based system.


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