Aircraft Dispatcher School Serves US West Coast Students

Airline Career Training logoAirline Career Training, LLC (ACT) has become the premiere FAA certified Aircraft Dispatcher Course on the west coast.  Located in Monterey, California, ACT brings a tremendous program to the aviation community.  ACT offers seven (7) ADX classes per year.  The ADX course is 5-weeks (200 hours) in length and ACT provides a very comfortable, professional experience.  ACT never cancels a class!

ACT airline dispatcher training graphicACT recently revamped the 74 hours of practical dispatch training section of the course so that all students receive the very best instruction in preparation for their FAA Oral ADX Practical Exam.  Their Practical Dispatch instruction now includes not only complete flight planning, practical dispatch and weather/meteorology but also full instruction covering the Practical Test Standards (PTS), the FAA Oral Question Guide, ETOPS, EWINS, and a test bank loaded with practice questions.  You will be ready for your 4-5 hour practical exam with the FAA appointed DADE (Dedicated Aircraft Dispatch Examiner).

ACT is not only interested in getting you ADX certified but also making sure you have the skill set to get placed in an aircraft dispatching career as soon as possible.  ACT cares about its graduates.

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