Are Local Flight Schools The Best Place To Train?


Lockheed electra engineMany of our visitors want to know where to get their flight training, and most are surprised that sometimes the best option might be “right in your backyard”. Sure, the larger flight academies offer aspiring commercial pilots a lot of benefits, but for many others, staying local is a viable option and can help control many of the variable factors involved in earning a pilot’s license and additional ratings.

Our latest article, Choosing A Flight School: Three Reasons To Stay Local explores some of the reasons training at your local airport may be the best answer for you. Here’s a sneak peak…

If flight training in an area that is familiar, convenient, and less costly up front are important aspects of your ideal flight training environment, you needn’t go too far from home. Your local airport is just the place to start your flight training today.

Not long after the earliest days of aviation, people began flocking to their local field for flying lessons. Airports and aircraft may have changed quite a lot since then, but one thing remains the same: your local airport is a great place to complete your flight training. Familiarity, convenience, and lower costs up front combine to create an ideal training environment only a short drive from home… read more >>

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