Aviloop Promises Lower Cost Flight Training Experiences

By the Aviloop Team, pilots and aviation enthusiasts.
Student Pilot at the controls

Aviloop says it features the best aviation products and experiences at 50-90% off

We just love the rush of zooming down the runway and pulling back the yoke to lift off. Amazing, isn’t it? Sure, we know flying is no miracle, yet we still feel like the luckiest folks on the planet when we experience Newton’s laws and Bernoulli’s principle in action. Aaah, the wonders of flight…

If you’re anything like us, you are constantly trying to get your friends to join in on the best hobby ever. But we all know that becoming a pilot is no easy task. It sure takes a lot of time and even more money. Yes, in the end it is totally worth it! That’s why we find it saddening when someone with a dream and a passion for aviation can no longer continue on their journey because they run out of funds. Unfortunately, it happens all too often.

At Aviloop we think no one should be turned away from doing what they love just because they are short a few bucks. We feel even stronger about the other outcome of costly flight lessons – pilots cutting corners and not getting enough training to fully grasp all that flying is. Did you know that the cause in 70% of non-commercial plane accidents is pilot-related?* Wow! This is something that can be fixed. We say, let’s start by providing flight lessons at more affordable rates. Let’s give aviators one less reason to cut corners and get the training they need to stay safe and proficient. This is why Aviloop was launched…

Aviloop.com is a group buying aviation website. We feature deals on the best aviation products and experiences at 50-90% off. Our mission is to change the face of general aviation by making it more accessible, more affordable, more fun, but most importantly – safer. Safety is our number one priority, because we think flying should be a fun and exhilarating experience, not a life threatening one. We even take our safety philosophy one step further – To ensure the safety of our customers, we only feature deals with flight schools that pass our rigorous inspection to become “Aviloop Approved”. We live and breathe aviation and we are here to improve it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to move up a level in your pilot career without emptying out your bank account? Whether you are new to aviation, looking to take an introductory class, get your private pilot license, multi-engine rating, or instrument rating, we have a deal for you with a safe and credible flight school.

Why pay full price when you could get a jaw-dropping discount with a grade “A” instructor?  Right, there is no reason… That’s why you should register at www.aviloop.com and learn about the best aviation deals going on in your airspace.

*According to the 2010 AOPA Nall report

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