Avionics Technician Careers: Who’s Hiring?

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If you’re considering a career as an avionics technician, but you don’t know where you might work, we’ve got a rundown of places who hire technicians that should help you not only find a job, but direct the skills and knowledge you acquire during your training.

In our new article “Avionics Technician Careers: Who’s Hiring?“, we run down the major employers of avionics graduates, such as airlines and large charter operators. The following is just a sample of the article, be sure to click through to read the whole thing:

One group that is often overlooked when it comes to avionics technician careers is aircraft manufacturers and avionics manufacturers. While avionics manufacturers are likely to want someone with electronics engineering credentials given their more experimental nature, aircraft manufacturers employ a healthy population of technicians. From installation during the manufacturing process to testing new packages for future aircraft models, the aircraft manufacturers need the specialized skills of trained avionics technicians in order to keep up with advances in technology.

As long as technologies continue to develop, the demand for qualified avionics workers will increase. So whether you’re seeking a career at a local aircraft maintenance shop, with an airline, or with a manufacturer, avionics technician training is the key to a rewarding and potentially lucrative career…read more >>

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