Avionics Technician Training: Getting Started in Avionics

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If you’re looking in to avionics technician training, but you’re not sure about the process, we’ve got an overview of avionics technician training that should help you understand the process and the skills and knowledge you will acquire.

In our new article Avionics Technician Training: Start a New Career in an Expanding Field we go over the major elements of avionics technician training, such as the qualifications required to work as an avionics technician. The following is just a sample of the article, be sure to click through to read the whole thing:

In general, many avionics technicians start with an A&P certificate. While it is not required by the FAA, most airlines and large charter operations only hire avionics technicians with an A&P certificate. Even so, considering the level of avionics-integration in modern aircraft, having an A&P certificate is very helpful as it allows a single technician to maintain items such as fully-integrated fly-by-wire control systems, that may include physical aircraft systems. Beyond the A&P certificate, advanced electronics training is required. The job of an avionics technician often involves repairing avionics so complex that the average person wouldn’t even know where to find the electronic components, much less troubleshoot them. In the past, much of this advanced training was limited to military personnel and very high-level airline training, but now, with such advanced technologies available throughout the general aviation fleet, there are a large number of schools providing avionics technician training all over the country.

As technologies continue to develop and demand for qualified avionics technicians increases, avionics technician training opens the door to a rewarding and lucrative career…read more >>

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