Avionics Technician Training: Technologies to Keep You in High Demand

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If you’re considering avionics technician training, we’ve got a list of three technologies to master that should help you not only find a job as an avionics technician, but will direct the skills and knowledge you acquire during your training.

In our new article Avionics Technician Training: Mastery Of Three Technologies Will Keep You In High Demand we run down several technologies that will keep skilled avionics technicians in high demand, such as glass cockpits and advanced GPS systems. The following is just part of the article, be sure to click through to read it all:

Glass cockpits are one of the hottest trends in all of aviation. Even the military is upgrading some of their largest and oldest aircraft to glass cockpits. Even new Cessna 172s or Piper Archers, simple training aircraft, are coming out of the factory with some of the latest glass panel avionics. Unlike older avionics, which were typically more self-contained, new glass cockpits are fully integrated and, even a simple upgrade will require a trained avionics technician.

While they may seem simple on the surface, mastering these three technologies as an avionics technician will put you in high demand as advanced avionics are rapidly becoming common place in even simple aircraft. After completing avionics technician training, you will be able to maintain, install, and service the devices that pilots and air traffic controllers rely on everyday…read more >>

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