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PIA Instructor Receives Statewide Recognition

Monday, November 10th, 2014

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PIA Instructor Receives Statewide Recognition  

September 26, 2014 (Pittsburgh, PA) – The Aviation Council of Pennsylvania (ACP) recognized Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics (PIA) Instructor Dave Koehler as the recipient of their 2014 Education Award. The award was bestowed on Koehler for his work with PIA’s courses on Aircraft Instruments and Controls. Koehler, a PIA graduate and 14 year veteran of the instructional staff, was grateful for the acknowledgment. “I’m honored and flattered to even be nominated,” Koehler said. “It’s quite humbling to be recognized for my efforts.” Koehler brings a wide range of experience to the classroom, including work as a maintenance controller and quality control management. He constantly updates his teaching materials to reflect the latest advancements in the field of aviation. Many of Koehler’s pupils affirm the ACP’s selection, describing him as enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate. Koehler appreciates watching his students grow during their time at PIA. “I enjoy attending graduation and seeing the changes my students have undergone since going through my class,” Koehler said. The ACP also selected Corey Staley, a student at the Hagerstown Branch Campus, for their Aviation Technology Scholarship. The ACP focuses on improving and promoting aviation in both the government and private sector while increasing public awareness of aviation and aerospace. PIA President John Graham III serves as a member of the ACP Board of Directors. About Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics The school was opened by Glenn Curtiss and Orville Wright in 1927 as Curtiss-Wright Flying Service, and became PIA in 1929. PIA offers “hands-on” training for traditional and non- traditional students in Aviation Maintenance and Aviation Electronics. The instructional staff combine real world experience with class room instruction for an outstanding education. PIA also provides a wide range of student services while the student is in school, and after graduation.  The Career Services Department works one on one with students to reach their employment goals. PIA is often the first stop for many employers looking for quality employees. PIA offers an Associate in Specialized Technology Degree at its West Mifflin, PA location and Diploma programs in Youngstown, OH, Hagerstown, MD, and Myrtle Beach, SC.  There is open enrollment through the year accompanied with admissions requirements.   

For more information on Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, Flight Schools, and Flight Instructor Jobs click:

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Aviation: The Invisible Highway – narrated by Harrison Ford – Official Trailer #1

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Official trailer for AVIATION: THE INVISIBLE HIGHWAY: A story about how the airplane has changed the world. Filmed in 18 countries across all 7 continents, it renews our appreciation for one of the most extraordinary and awe-inspiring aspects of the modern world. The documentary is produced and directed by Brian J. Terwilliger (“One Six Right”), narrated by Harrison Ford, and features an original score by Academy Award-winning composer James Horner. It’s scheduled for a 2015 release.

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Slow Down and Save: Airline Pilots Around the World Ordered to Slash Sky Time

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Slow Down and Save: Airline Pilots Around the World Ordered to Slash Sky Time


Every motorist knows the value of easing up on the accelerator to save on fuel consumption, and cash-strapped airlines are now following their example and ordering their pilots to slow down in an effort to save fuel. Escalating oil prices have led to a fall in profits for many airlines, and even budget airline Ryanair reported that its profits had fallen by a fifth. Concerned passengers needn’t worry as flight times will not be increased by more than a few minutes, but just this slight increase in journey time could save airlines hundreds of millions of dollars in fuel costs.


Airlines That Are Slowing Down 


Ryanair recently announced that it will add two minutes to every hour of flight time, and this small extension will result in a 15% overall reduction on the airline’s fuel bill. Ryanair’s profits fell by 21% over the last quarter despite passenger numbers increasing by 3%. Their revenue had also increased by 5%, but a fuel cost increase of 6% meant that any extra profits were immediately eaten up by their increased fuel bill. Ryanair came under fire earlier this year after pilots were instructed to reduce the amount of emergency fuel they carried on board to save on costs. Several US airlines have been slowing down their flights since 2008, and companies such as Southwest Airlines managed to save $42 million in a year by extending flight times by just one or two minutes.


Military Cutbacks 


Even the military has had to take some drastic measures to reduce its fuel costs, and formation flying has been found to offer the perfect solution for military jets. Vortex surfing is the practice of flying one plane behind another in a V formation allowing the rear planes to ride in slipstreams created by the one in front. This technique is most commonly observed in nature, and large birds flying in an arrow shape is a perfect example of vortex surfing. To experience the thrill of flying yourself, visit for a wide range of different flight options. The US military report that they have managed to cut their fuel costs by 10% after adopting this technique, and it is only a matter of time before commercial airlines begin considering it for their fleets. Last year the US Air Force was ordered to slow its fleet of 4,693 aircraft after rising fuel costs added an extra $1 billion to its 2012 fuel bill.


Rising fuel costs are something motorists and homeowners have been battling with for several years, and the cost of filling up the car has almost doubled over the last ten years. As well as saving on fuel costs, driving or flying more economically will have a dramatic effect on the environment as the majority of greenhouse gases are produced by transportation emissions and the burning of fossil fuels. Fuel economy should be a priority for every motorist, and government schemes to reduce the amount of cars on the road will soon have to become more prominent in order to tackle global warming.

by Paul Guerrier

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Chris Horton, CFI-I, Manager of Flight Operations, Guidance Aviation, Nationally Recognized as Recipient of AgustaWestland Safety Excellence Award

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

The 2014 AgustaWestland Safety Excellence Award recipient is Mr. Chris Horton, CFI-I, Manager of Flight Operations, Guidance Aviation. Helicopter Association International (HAI) announced the winners of the 2014 Salute to Excellence Awards, which “recognize those who, through either a single act or a lifetime of service and dedication, have exemplified the best the helicopter industry has to offer during the previous year….As helicopters serve the needs of society around the world, there are those in our industry who go above and beyond. “We are honored to be able to recognize their achievements,” said HAI President Matt Zuccaro.” [SOURCE:]

The AgustaWestland Safety Award acknowledges outstanding contributions in the promotion of safety and safety awareness throughout the international helicopter community.

“I can’t think of a harder working or more deserving pilot. Chris’s contributions are paramount to the success of the Guidance Aviation SMS,” stated John Stonecipher, President, CEO, Guidance Aviation.

Chris Horton, helicopter flight instructor (CFI-I) and airplane pilot, discovered his passion for aviation safety as an undergraduate student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Horton joined Guidance Aviation in 2010 and rapidly advanced to the position of Manager of Flight Operations. He is responsible for the daily operations of over 100 full time students, 20 flight instructors, and over 300 weekly flight operations. With schools in Prescott, Arizona and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Guidance Aviation has a staff of just over 50 employees and a fleet of 16 helicopters.

Since his start at Guidance, Horton has drafted the Emergency Response Plan, formed the Safety Board, drafted the Safety Management System Manual, and created the Safety Excellence Award Program. Horton established three safety stand down days per year, each focusing on current safety initiatives. His work developing a Safety Management System at Guidance Aviation was recognized through STARR Aviation and received public recognition as a leader in SMS training.

Horton has taken courses in Safety Management Systems, Advanced Safety Management Systems, Human Factors: Threat and Error Management, Emergency Response, Accident Investigation, and Aircraft Survivability Analysis and Design.

You can review Chris Horton’s entire story at:



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Sport Aviation Expo Starts Thursday – AVweb

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Sport Aviation Expo Starts Thursday

The Sport Aviation Expo is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and the show is all set to go at Sebring Airport in central Florida starting Thursday. The show is the only one dedicated to the Light Sport aviation segment and was started shortly after the FAA created the new aircraft classification. Most of the leading airframers and secondary suppliers will be there with static displays and flight demos. A few days before the show, Progressive Aerodyne announced it had received FAA approval for the Elite version of its Light Sport amphib. The new aircraft sports a turbocharged Rotax 914 and a glass panel. Also among the exhibitors is Van’s, which recently announced it will continue production of its ready-to-fly RV-12 Light Sport model.

The show always has a packed agenda of forums and information sessions. This year’s is headlined by CDR Barry Hull of Pilot Judgment Inc. with a presentation called The Number One Killer of Pilots and How to Prevent It. Anyone who wants to fly in certain kinds of controlled airspace, including those flying Light Sport aircraft, will have to have ADS-B equipment and Peter Ring, of Freeflight Systems, will offer a primer on the mandatory equipage issues. There are also lots of technical forums, including Phil Lockwood’s annual session on the care and feeding of Rotax engines.

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Training Begins for Around The World Flight

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Think Global CrewApril 03 2013, Prescott, Arizona – The Think Global Flight Crew, Capt. Judy Rice and Navigator Fred Nauer, arrive in Prescott today to continue training for their flight around the world to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education.  Guidance Aviation of Prescott, Arizona, has donated the Cirrus SR20 G3 for the effort.

Capt. Rice, CFI, an experience educator and aviator, and Fred Nauer, CFI-I, a retired airline Captain, will begin some recurrent training in the Cirrus SR20 G3 at Guidance Aviation and will also be speaking with media on Thursday, April 4, 2013.

Marlin Kuykendall, Mayor of the City of Prescott shared that, “We are excited that our airport will launch the Think Global flight.  This particular partnership with Guidance Aviation showcases that Prescott is on the map in Arizona and around the world.  We are looking forward to welcoming more aviation and technology business partners like Guidance Aviation to Prescott Airport.”

The Think Global Flight Crew and its Cirrus SR20 G3 are scheduled to take off in April of 2014 and fly around the world, stopping at schools in numerous countries to promote S.T.E.M. education and what the promises of aviation and aerospace hold for our future pilots, aeronautical engineers, and aerospace professionals.  This effort is unique in that Think Global is leveraging the latest in aviation and web based technologies to communicate with the school kids around the globe, in real time, delivering S.T.E.M. based curricula relating to the flight.  While in flight, the crew will be contacting Student Command Centers (SCC’s) via satellite phone to discuss flight planning, weather, international relations, and weight and balance requirements.  Students may also log into the website to access curricula developed by education and aviation professionals.

This April 5, 2013, the Think Global Flight Crew and the Cirrus SR20 G3 will be taking off from the Guidance Aviation ramp at the Prescott Airport to be on display at the Sun n’ Fun Air show in Lakeland, Florida.

Think Global Flight Website:

Think Global Flight Facebook:

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ATP Supports Women in Aviation through Scholarship Award

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Tonya Hodson, left. Courtney Dennis, ATP, right.

March 14, 2013 – Jacksonville, FL – ATP announced today that Tonya Susann Hodson, from Salina, KS is the recipient of a 10-hour Multi-Engine Instructor Rating Scholarship to be presented at the 24th annual Women in Aviation (WAI) Conference taking place this week in Nashville, TN. The presentation of this award represents a continued effort by ATP to support the work of Women in Aviation and its members. The scholarship awarded is valued at $4,000.

Tonya Susann Hodson is a student of Kansas State University in Salina, Kansas who anticipates graduating with Bachelors of Science in the Professional Pilot program in December of 2013.  She currently holds commercial pilot certificates for both single- and multi-engine aircraft is working on her flight instructor certificate.  A Dean’s Honor Roll student, Tonya has also been active as an Air Race Classic Top Ten Competitor, a competitor in and organizer of the National Intercollegiate Flight Association’s SAFECON Safety Conference, and has taken both formation and aerobatic flight training.  When asked about her aviation career goals, Tonya said, “in five years I will be employed in the aviation industry sharing my experience and expertise. In ten years, my career will be secure providing training and instruction through knowledge, leadership, and passion.”  Tonya wants to give back to the aviation industry in every way she can.

“ATP recognizes the importance of supporting students and especially the next generation of female aviators,” said ATP Vice President, Jim Koziarski.  ”The recommendations of faculty at Kansas State University highlight Tonya’s professionalism and the passion she brings to her aviation career goals, making her a recipient I know ATP will be proud to help succeed in aviation.”

For more information about ATP, visit or visit ATP at the conference at Booth #1023.

In 1984, ATP pioneered accelerated, professional multi-engine flight training with an emphasis on pilot career development. Today ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program prepares pilots for airline careers with nationwide flying experience in multi-engine aircraft. In partnership with the leading regional and national airlines, ATP offers its students an airline-sponsored career track from zero time to 1500 hours, with CFI job placement and airline employment. ATP flies over 9,000 hours to provide more than 350 FAA pilot certificates every month across 28 locations nationwide. As America’s largest flight school, ATP provides more pilots to the regional airlines than any other single flight school, college, or academy.

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Spartan College of Aeronautics & Technology Gets 727 From FedEx

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

FedEx-donated 727 on the ramp at Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology


FedEx Express donates Boeing 727-200 to Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology. The Boeing 727 will provide a continued training resource for aviation maintenance, avionics maintenance, nondestructive testing and quality control students.

Special thanks to FedEx Express for donation of Boeing 727-200. Spartan’s students are excited about this new training tool!

Click the links below to get more information about Spartan’s aviation programs.

Spartan’s FAA approved Aviation Maintenance Technology program

Spartan’s Avionics Technician Program

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Cirrus Aircraft Joins Think Global Flight Team, Rutan In

Sunday, July 29th, 2012 logoCaptain Judy Rice met with Cirrus Aircraft’s Co-Founder and CEO, Dale Klapmeier for a photo op and hand shake as Cirrus Aircraft joins the Think Global Flight team which will be flying a Cirrus SR20 G3 around the world. “We have much to plan and discuss with Cirrus. Right now, we are just ecstatic to have Cirrus on board to help promote education and aviation around the world,” states Rice.

Additionally, Captain Rice met with Dick Rutan, who is now a spokesperson for both Think Global Flight and Fly To Learn. Fly to Learn, the software powered by X-Plane, will be delivering the curriculum found within Think Global Flight’s Student Command Centers. “Today is a great day as we are seeing it all come together,” exclaims Rice.

Later this week at AIRVENTURE 2012, Captain Rice will be meeting with Maule, Hartzell, Aerox and Jeppesen to name a few.

Think Global Flight is an around-the-world flight of adventure to spark interest in S.T.E.M. education worldwide. Captain Judy Rice and Navigator Nauer will be taking off from Honolulu, Hawaii in the Fall of 2013 in a Cirrus SR20 G3, donated by Guidance Aviation.

Current supporters of Think Global Flight include Fly To Learn – Powered by X-Plane, Cirrus Aircraft, Guidance Aviation, Sennheiser, Live Your Dream, Aerox, Spidertracks, Turtlepac, Janet’s Planet, Brightline Bags, Gulf Coast Avionics and numerous individual donors.

For more info, go to

Press Release link on Facebook:


For more info on Think Global Flight’s schedule and availability for press interviews, contact:
Direct: 310-745-4711

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Foreign carriers offering lucrative contracts for U.S. pilots

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Due to booming economies and rapid expansion of commercial aviation, foreign airlines are offering lucrative contracts to combat a shortage of qualified pilots.

For pilots, or aspiring pilots, who won’t mind working overseas international airlines are in a bit of a bidding war.

With the consolidation of several U.S. carriers, the job market for airline pilots isn’t as attractive as it once was. Pilots face a long climb to the top and compensation along the way can pale in comparison to what foreign carriers are offering.

Due to booming economies in places like China, commercial aviation is rapidly expanding and facing a very real shortage of qualified pilots. This has resulted in foreign carriers offering signing bonuses, housing, and other attractive bonuses to experienced pilots.

A report from the Civil Aviation Administration of China indicates a need for more than 15,000 additional pilots by 2015. Since Chinese airlines are having a hard time filling the need domestically, they’re looking overseas to fill the need.

According to an industry analyst, these deals may not be as attractive to pilots at major U.S. carriers who are well compensated, but rather the large contingent of highly experienced regional airline pilots who feel limited by their prospects for advancement.

A first officer with plenty of experience may be waiting quite a while for a captain position at a U.S. airline, but in China the same first officer’s upgrade can come right away accompanied with twice the pay.

Pilots seeking overseas work can negotiate directly with the foreign airlines or through a recruitment service which matches pilots and airlines and handles the negotiations. Some of these companies currently have listings for hundreds of positions.

Deals like these are great for both pilots and foreign airlines as they provide lucrative contracts to pilots who are filling the needs of the airlines. Perhaps more importantly, they are also good for aspiring or furloughed airline pilots in the U.S. who could leverage these contracts to accelerate their domestic job prospects.

Flight training in the U.S. is still more affordable and quicker than in other countries, but pilots’ job prospects are often weakened by lack of experience in larger jets. Since many foreign airlines are offering to pay for type ratings, many U.S. pilots will see an increased demand for their skills back home after only a brief contract overseas.

For more information on flight training and choosing the right school, check out our Flight Training Resource Center or find flight training near you.


U.S. pilots find high demand, high pay overseas

China Lures U.S. Pilots Tired of 14-Year Wait for Airline Captain’s Seat

This article was written by Matthew Everett, a private pilot, aviation writer, and frequent contributor to You can follow him on twitter @leaving_tf or find his blog at

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