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Aviation School Awarded FAA’s Elite Diamond Award of Excellence

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015



INDIANAPOLIS, IN (02/12/15) – Aviation Institute of Maintenance’s (AIM) Indianapolis campus is the proud recipient of the prestigious 2014 Diamond Award of Excellence from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Maintenance Technician Awards Program. This marks 11th consecutive year that AIM Indianapolis has received this award.

The program began as a way for the FAA to encourage Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMTs) and employers to participate aggressively in available initial and recurrent maintenance training. Through the AMT Awards Program, the FAA recognizes eligible Technicians and employers by issuing awards to those who receive or promote and foster initial and recurrent training.

“I am very proud of the education department for their dedication to ongoing training that they have to do for us to continue to earn this award,” says Andy Duncan, Campus Executive Director.

In order to achieve the Diamond Award of Excellence, 100% of the campus’s Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics instructors must receive an individual Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Award in the FAA AMT Awards Program. To receive an individual AMT Award, a Technician must complete a minimum of 12 hours of training during the year, including a two hour course conducted through the FAA website. The instructors are also required to log their training on the FAA website and claim their individual award within a specified time frame.  The Diamond Award is the highest award granted by the FAA for aviation maintenance technicians and their employers.

About Aviation Institute of Maintenance

AIM –Indianapolis campus is part of the nation’s largest family of aviation maintenance schools, with headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Students learn the skills necessary to become successful in one of the world’s fastest growing industries, aviation maintenance.  AIM graduates are there to meet the increasing global demands of commercial, cargo, corporate and private aviation employers.  AIM’s other campuses are located in Duluth, Georgia; Chesapeake, Virginia; Irving, Texas; Houston, Texas; Kansas City, Missouri; Las Vegas, Nevada; Manassas, Virginia; Oakland, California; Casselberry, Florida and Pennsylvania.  Learn more at: Like us on Facebook

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What should I study to become a pilot?

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

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The question comes up over and over, “I’m not good at math, but I want to be a pilot, what should I study in college?”
There is no right or wrong answer to this question…at least not in the sense that you might be thinking.  Perhaps because the question itself is flawed.  The real question should be, “How am I going to go about making my dreams a reality?”


Answering this question is going to take some soul searching.  First you have to determine what your dreams are.  Then, you have to determine what the steps are to achieving your dreams.  And the most important step, of course, is to start taking action.

Let’s go through this step by step:

1. What are you passionate about?

If you think you might be passionate about flying, you need to get specific and clear on what your ultimate goal is.  In other words, what type of pilot do you want to be and why?

If “money” or “status” are high on the list of reasons why you want to fly – you need to do some more soul searching.  Passion lies beyond material things – it’s something that you would do even if you didn’t get paid for it. The type of flying is also important – airline flying, for instance is different than corporate flying, different than military type flying, different than cargo flying, etc.  Find out what type of flying would suit you best.

2. Depending on the type of career you want, you now have to figure out a road map to get there.

Find companies offering the types of career you want or individuals who already have the type job you want.  Figure out what the requirements are.  College degree? Any special certifications?  For instance, most airlines require a college degree – they don’t specify what type of degree.  This is probably due to the fact that today’s aircraft are so sophisticated that they do most of the work for you.  If you can add, subtract, multiply, and divide, you have the required math skills required to be an airline pilot.

Other type of pilot careers may require more advanced degrees, e.g. Test Pilots usually have engineering degrees.

3. Take massive action.

Once you know the requirements, find out where get them.  Research schools, talk to others who have already achieved some level of success, and then act.  If you’re still not sure what to choose as a field of study in college, check out this article that will give you plenty of ideas.

Article Author: Ruth Morlas is dedicated to helping others reach their dream of becoming a pilot.  For more information visit

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Getting Your Aviation Degree Online: Three Perks of Online Aviation Degrees

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013
getting your aviation degree onlineBy 

If you’re considering an airline career, you probably need a four year degree. If there aren’t any local schools offering aviation degrees, you might wish to consider getting an online aviation degree. Even if a local school does offer aviation degrees, we’ve the perks of online aviation degrees are hard to resist.

In our new article Getting Your Aviation Degree Online: Three Perks of Online Aviation Degrees we discuss three major perks of getting your aviation degree online, such as saving money and studying at your own pace. The following is just a sample, be sure to click through and read the entire article:

One of the greatest perks of getting your aviation degree online is that it allows you to train anywhere. Many people bundle flight training at their local airport with an online aviation degree to avoid having to move away for school. Similarly, maybe you know of a school offering $50 plane rentals that will drastically cut your flight training expenses, but there are no colleges nearby offering aviation degrees. Either of these situations are perfect for getting an online aviation degree…read more >>

Click here to locate online aviation degrees.

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Online Aviation Degrees: Three Things To Consider When Choosing A Degree Program

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013
online aviation degreesBy 

If you’re considering an airline career, but you’re reluctant to travel for a degree, you might consider looking into online aviation degrees. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got a few things to consider before choosing an online aviation degree program that should help you find a good one.

In our new article Online Aviation Degrees: Three Things To Consider When Choosing A Degree Program, we offer three major things to consider, such as program accreditation, before selecting an online aviation degree program. The following is just a taste of the article, click through to read the whole thing:

Online aviation degrees, and traditional aviation degrees for that matter, are by definition pretty intense undertakings. There is a lot of technical knowledge to impart in no so much time. Unfortunately, not everybody learns the same way. For example, some people may learn best by doing, while others are in their prime learning mode listening to a lecture or reading a report. It is important to understand what format the courses take before committing to a particular online aviation degree program, to avoid committing yourself to years of confusion and struggle when a particular course format doesn’t work well for you.

In a similar vein, make sure you can actually complete the course work. Some courses may require sending in assignments completed with particular software or shipping something to your instructor. If you are 200 miles from the nearest post office and you have to mail in a test every week, this could be an issue. Know what you will need for the courses…read more >>

Click here to locate online aviation degrees.

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Aviation Training: iso9001 certification and Six Sigma Certification

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Take a look at many of the most successful companies around the globe and you will find that their leadership often follows Six Sigma strategies for process improvement and iso9001 for quality management. For professionals looking for leadership advancement in the airline industry, these certifications often go hand in hand and become part of the total package of what turns the skills and experience of a good leader into a highly sought after great leader. Whether you are a pilot in the military or in private industry, these two management tools are prevalent across a wide variety of companies.

Six Sigma in Aviation Management

Professionals with Six Sigma certification offer employers the competitive edge and best practice standardized skill set to address many of the challenges present in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. For leaders in aviation, Six Sigma training gives managers the collective language to create ongoing change within the organization that is responsive to data indicators collected from several divisions. Using data to drive goals and being able to make mid stream adjustments are two strengths of Six Sigma when it comes to reducing downtime, increasing client confidence, and driving up profitability. Six Sigma strategies improve the processes that drive business while at the same time allowing room for innovation. Airline professionals with Six Sigma training are widely sought after by private and governmental entities.

ISO 9001 in Aviation Management

Iso9001 complements Six Sigma strategies through providing a framework for overall quality management that is highly adaptable. Pilots and other airline leaders who have taken the time to gain certification through one of the nationally ranked and fully accredited programs offer employers a body of knowledge that has proven success across many global industries. Coupled with Six Sigma training, comprehensive leadership acumen increases the chances for rapid advancement in private and governmental aviation settings. Iso 9001 tools give professionals the vocabulary, skill set, and vision to implement ongoing quality management assessment and make adjustments necessary to gain and or retain competitive edge.

Industry Advantage

From Cessna to Boeing and from the United State military, to private contractors who supply services to governmental bodies, Six Sigma and iso9001 certification is part of the standard corporate practice that lead to success as an aviation manager. While many successful companies adapt these theories to fit corporate culture and goals, Six Sigma training and Iso9001 certification is part of the desired body of knowledge sought after by hiring professionals. Bolstering a professional airline resume with Six Sigma certification and iso9001 training are powerful investments that let current industry leaders know that you are willing to invest in the skills and knowledge necessary for long term professional growth. For more information on current Six Sigma applications in the airline industry see:


Professionals in any field looking toward the future for long term growth and opportunity would be wise to invest in business process and quality management programs that offer a standardized body of knowledge that is recognized globally for applicability and quality. Six Sigma and iso9001 certification jump of the resume as perhaps the most sought after and ubiquitously accepted benchmark for leadership excellence across todayís global marketplace. For pilots looking to increase marketability across a wider range of opportunities, Six Sigma certification and iso9001 training offered through a highly ranked and fully accredited online program allows professionals to learn from industry leaders, network and gain professional mentoring, associate with a more elite group of peers, and appeal to a constantly evolving global business sector. Leaders who exhibit the tools to drive the evolution of an industry in tough economic times as well as in times of prosperity will always be in demand. Six Sigma and Iso9001 certification just might be the co-pilot your professional development needs to make sure the ups and downs of an aviation career has the resilience necessary to make all your corporate landings as smooth and successful as possible.

By Grant Webb with Villanova University’s online programs. Grant works with countless aviation professionals by directing them to the most appropriate Six Sigma Training and Six Sigma Certification programs.

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Online Aviation Programs and Degrees Finally Going Mainstream

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011
photo of wings and stripes

New online aviation programs can help you reach your aviation goals – photo courtesy of aceairways

Although online education is nothing new, the aviation industry is finally getting into the action. Several vocational schools and universities are now offering online programs that can teach some or all of the course material needed to launch a career in aviation. Some of these institutions even offer financial aid to those who qualify.

Online Professional Pilot Programs – Although you can’t learn to fly a real airplane from the comfort of your own home, several schools now offer a way to earn a degree online while simultaneously attending either a local flight school or a cooperating flight academy. And by going this route, you may be eligible to receive financial aid grants and loans, if you qualify. Most airlines now require a college degree for employment so earning a Bachelor or Associate degree concurrently with your physical flight training may be a great way to go. Mountain State University is now offering degrees online concurrently with enrollment at one of ATP’s (Airline Transport Professionals) 25 U.S. training locations. Similarly, Utah Valley University has made arrangements with a number of other flight schools to allow you to earn your degree while learning to fly.

Online Aircraft Dispatcher ProgramsSheffield School of Aeronautics and Jeppesen now offer online courses for their Aircraft Dispatcher Training programs. These courses prepare you for a short classroom experience which leads up to taking the appropriate FAA (or other governing body) flight dispatcher tests.

Online Aviation Associate, Bachelor and Masters DegreesEverglades University is now offering several different aviation degree programs online including Aviation Management, Aviation Technology, and even a Master’s Degree in Aviation Science.

Online training in the aviation industry is finally here and it offers you new possibilities in the way of financing and building your resume for your ultimate aviation goal. To learn more about these programs please visit our Online Aviation Programs page where you can contact each school for more information.

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