Charter Helicopter Pilot Jobs

Charter Helicopter Pilot Jobs

Charter Helicopter Pilot JobsThere is a huge number of pathways for the career-minded helicopter pilot. One of the options that is highly regarded by many pilots is to become a charter helicopter pilot. There are many reasons why this is an appealing option to current flight training graduates. Not everyone wants to work for a big company. Not everyone wants to fly the same route over and over and over again. In the past few years, the charter business took a little bit of a dive due to the recession. But for the most part this sector of employment has bounced back and the companies that survived have demonstrated their robustness through the slowdown. Upper Limit Aviation can help aviation students get the training they need to succeed in the pilot job of their choice.

 The Duties and Perks of Charter Helicopter Pilot Careers

Charter helicopter companies offer a service to many executives and others who need quick and personalized helicopter service. Some business operate on a timeshare or fractional ownership basis and others are per hour or per day type operations. Many pilots are owner-operators. The job is appealing to many pilots because it can be a very personal work experience where you know all of your colleagues and supervisors. Not everyone is made to work for a monolithic corporation. In many cases you will be able to fly the same helicopter everyday, work with the same time and fly many varied routes.

Many students want to know how they can get the competitive edge in the job market. Upper Limit Aviation has geared its entire program around providing the ability to make the most out of your flight training experience. Our three campuses, located in West Memphis, AR, Salt Lake City, UT and Cedar City, UT have all partnered with local colleges. Our Arkansas and SLC campuses have paired with community colleges (MSCC and SLCC respectively) that can offer an AAS (associates) Professional Pilot degree, while our Cedar City Campus has paired with Southern Utah University (SUU) and can offer a bachelor’s degree. The college degree program allows for enhanced funding opportunities as well as keep our graduates fiercely competitive as they enter the job market. Call 1-855-HELIEDU to learn how Upper Limit Aviation can help you achieve your best chance at success.


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