Considering Becoming an Ag Pilot? Thoughts on Aerial Application

Considering Becoming an Ag Pilot? Thoughts on Aerial Application

Considering Becoming an Ag Pilot? Thoughts on Aerial ApplicationThere is a broad range of careers available to professional helicopter pilots, but becoming an ag pilot is an increasingly reliable option for many. An ag pilot, short for agricultural pilot, uses a technique called aerial application in order to apply herbicides, pesticides, plant seeds, or supply other treatments to crops, forestry, swamps or other terrain. In some cases, ag pilots may also be called upon to provide support for firefighting units or land surveyors and inspectors. Upper Limit Aviation (1-855-HELIEDU) is able to provide the top training necessary to excel in this exciting field.

How Ag Pilot Opportunities Have Expanded Even as The Global Economy Constricts

It must be acknowledged that the global economy has undergone vast transformations over the last few decades. At one time, agriculture represented nearly 15% of US GDP, and comparatively recently, up to 5% of American jobs were in the agricultural sector. As globalization has taken hold and agriculture has become subject to the same culture of imports and exports that have changed many industries, the opportunities across many segments of the agricultural industry have shrunk. However, the good news for today’s agricultural pilots is that it’s unlikely that further reductions in service will affect today’s pilots. In fact, forecasts call for increased expansion as industry finds new ways and better technology to help maintain and facilitate more effective harvests. Additionally, pilots willing to relocate will find that there are booming opportunities for ag pilots in some parts of the world.

Upper Limit Aviation prides itself on offering a higher caliber of training than many aviation flight schools are able to offer. Flight training that goes above and beyond the minimum requirements reassures our students that we aren’t participating in the race to the bottom embodied by a culture that’s obsessed with merely meeting minimum requirements. If you would like to begin your helicopter training to become an ag pilot as soon as possible, call 1-855-HELIEDU.


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