Delta Connection Academy now Aerosim Flight Academy

By Matthew Everett

In a recent announcement by Aerosim, Delta Connection Academy has been renamed Aerosim Flight Academy. Aerosim bought Delta Connection in January in an effort to expand the company’s service offerings.

Aerosim is a leading provider of simulation-based training products for customized training solutions that are in use world-wide by commercial air carriers and training providers. With the acquisition of Delta Connections Academy, they now offer training for aviators at any level. From the established career pilot seeking a new type-rating to the low-time primary student, Aerosim can provide training to meet the needs of pilots at any stage.

According to Dave Rapley, Aerosim CEO, “The industry is looking for a partner that can provide a full range of training solutions customized to their requirements. Bringing our technology together with the academy’s airline-based approach to professional pilot training just made sense in terms of providing a modern curriculum using advanced technology and offering an even broader range of customized training solutions. Now as we present under a unified name, we reaffirm our commitment to provide the industry with that singular partner.”

This is no doubt a welcome addition to aviators looking into career training as it provides an integrated platform of training options that are already in use by the very airlines at which they are seeking a career. Additionally, with four campuses in the U.S., Aerosim can train pilots with maximum efficiency.


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