Earning Your Pilot’s License… Can You Do It?

LSA flying overhead

Can you pilot an aircraft... yes, you can!


From time to time we encounter people who are excited to earn their private pilot license, but don’t understand  the  process of actually getting the license. This “unknown” factor can create a sense of apprehension and ultimately prevent someone from getting their license. Our latest article, Learning To Fly For Fun – Can I Do This? aims to clear up some confusion about learning to fly. Here’s a quick excerpt:

Anyone willing to commit the time and effort to studying, flying, and practicing the required skills can learn to fly. It is important to remember that everyone is different and for every pilot that sails through flight training, there are many other pilots who spent hundreds of hours learning to fly. In the end, whether you sail through or it takes 200 hours, you’re a pilot and that’s all that matters…

We invite you to read the whole article here and wish you all the best of luck with your aviation goals!

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