Firefighting Helicopter Pilot

Firefighting Helicopter Pilot

Firefighting Helicopter PilotThere are certain jobs in the helicopter aviation community that are just essential, such as the career undertaken by firefighting helicopter pilots. Without these heroic individuals, our wildfires would rage and communities would be dashed. It’s difficult to imagine a time before we had these heroes to rely upon. There is no doubt that this is a dangerous job that has occasionally led to tragic consequences both on the ground and in the air, but as with our paramedics and policemen, our specialized civil servicemen are our first defense against danger. They keep families and communities safe and preserve order when chaos would otherwise reign. This particular helicopter career has grown in recent years, thankfully for all of us. Upper Limit Aviation (1-855-HELIEDU) can provide all the training necessary to become a firefighting helicopter pilot (also known as a helitack pilot).

Where Would We Be Without Firefighting Helicopter Pilots?

Certain environmental conditions have emerged, such as a prolonged drought in many parts of the country that have contributed to the dangerous potential fire conditions throughout the country. Whether a blaze starts as an accident or as arson, there have been many major wildfires each summer over the last many years. Without firefighting helicopter pilots, a lot of lives and a lot of property would have been destroyed.

Firefighting helicopter pilots use precision techniques to perform their highly skilled job. Water drops can be made using bambi buckets or airframe mounted water tanks, or flame retardant foam may sometimes be employed. Pilots may also transport hotshot firefighting crews into the fire to fight the blaze on the ground.

Upper Limit Aviation is a flight training school that offers the most comprehensive training program we could design. Helicopter pilots who wish to enter into the firefighting field will get all the training they need to attain excellence in their chosen career. To learn more about the kinds of opportunities available at ULA, such as assistance for veterans through the Post 9/11 GI Bill that may cover all or part of your tuition, call 1-855-HELIEDU.


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