Fixed-Wing Pilot Careers in China

Fixed-Wing Pilot Careers in China

The aviation industry in China is modernizing sufficiently that many fixed-wing pilots are seriously considering pursuing careers there. The explosive growth in the aviation market reflects how globally connected every corner of our industry is. China has recently adopted many Western-style rules and regulations, making it a natural transition for pilots who have trained at a flight training academy such as Upper Limit Aviation. Many Western aviation companies have opened operations in China. There are a variety of factors contributing to why Western pilots are finding such success in China, but the main one is that there is an even more critical pilot shortage in China than there is in the rest of the world. There are only a few flight training schools and they can’t possibly keep up with demand. Pilots considering a fixed-wing career in China should complete their training at Upper Limit Aviation (1-855-HELIEDU). They will have access to a tremendous number of opportunities.

Helping Fixed-Wing Pilots Take Advantage of Career Opportunities in China

Geographically, China is almost exactly the same size as the United States. That leaves a lot of ground to cover in terms of air travel and transport. China is the world’s fastest growing economy, meaning that there is a lot of business to be done, and quickly, which translates to a huge array of fixed-wing pilot careers that must be filled soon. The cost of living is comparatively small, making the inflated salaries being offered by some companies stretch a rather long way.

Upper Limit Aviation encourages our fixed-wing pilot graduates to seek only the opportunities that sound just right for them. Because there is so many jobs available and so few pilots to take them, today’s pilots can be a little more picky than you used to be able to get away with. For those pilots who decide to pursue work in China, rest assured that your training at Upper Limit Aviation should translate easily, as international licenses in China are often just a matter of securing the proper paperwork. To learn how China may be the perfect career destination for you after you complete your fixed-wing pilot training, call 1-855-HELIEDU.


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