Fixed-Wing Pilot Careers in New Zealand

Fixed-Wing Pilot Careers in New Zealand

Fixed-wing pilot students who seek a career in Fixed-Wing Pilot Careers in New Zealand are able to boast of working in one of the most beautiful settings for pilots in the world. New Zealand is one of the aviation capitals of the world. Islands are naturally hospitable to pilots. Many inhabited islands have difficult to cross terrain and so traveling by air makes more sense in many cases. Anyone who has seen the Lord of the Rings films knows that New Zealand is home to a wildly diverse array of landscapes and microclimates. Any type of flight experience that you can imagine can be undertaken in New Zealand. Pilots seeking fixed-wing careers in New Zealand after completing their training at Upper Limit Aviation (1-855-HELIEDU) will find that there are many choices available to them.

 Types of Fixed-Wing PIlot Careers Available in New Zealand

Islands such as New Zealand typically offer many opportunities to work as a transport pilot of fixed-wing aircraft. Whether for cargo or passengers, fixed-wing transport careers can be very rewarding. Another fruitful career for fixed-wing pilots in New Zealand is in the sightseeing industry. The North and South islands feature an incredibly varied terrain with all sorts of beautiful sights to behold, all improved by a stunning aerial vantage point. It is also one of the few places in the world where one has the chance to take a tourist flight to Antarctica. This is an incredible and unique opportunity for fixed-wing pilots to seize an exciting career.

Upper Limit Aviation can teach you everything you need to know to set off on an adventurous fixed-wing career in New Zealand. Our training is primed to help you take advantage of the current aviation market conditions. We have programs to help veterans take advantage of the benefits the VA offers through the Post 9/11 GI Bill. We have three campuses, located in West Memphis, AR, Salt Lake City, UT and Cedar City, UT, each offering the same top notch training, but featuring its own distinctive, defining feature that makes it right for just the right fixed-wing pilot student. To learn more about how Upper Limit Aviation can help you, call 1-855-HELIEDU.

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