Fixed-Wing Pilots: Aircraft Preferences

Fixed-Wing Pilots: Aircraft Preferences

Fixed-Wing Pilots: Aircraft PreferencesAll fixed-wing pilots have a preference for either large or small aircraft, and most have a preference for a specific aircraft. There are advantages that are apparent to one or the other depending upon the job that you are required to perform or what sort of flight you have set out for. An airline pilot is more likely to enjoy operating a larger aircraft than an aerial application ag pilot, for instance. Flying a Cessna and flying a Dreamliner are simply two different birds, apples and oranges. Upper Limit Aviation (1-855-HELIEDU) can provide training to pilots no matter what their preference is. We all learn on the same aircraft, and whatever job you wind up going on to find, the training you receive at ULA will go a long way to preparing you for success.

Fixed-Wing Pilots Love Pretty Much Anything That Flies

The initial training stages are a process of getting to know your equipment. Many pilots find that their favorite aircraft is the one they learned on. There’s something about small aircraft that makes it easier to feel as though the aircraft is just an extension of your own body, that it’s actually your body itself that is doing the flying. On the other hand, controlling the seemingly limitless power of a large aircraft has its own appeal as well. Many pilots have a dream career that they’d like to pursue, and so they develop an affinity for the aircraft that are primarily used in that career. Whatever your preference, reaching the point where you can fly the aircraft of your choice starts with pursuing fixed-wing pilot training at Upper Limit Aviation.

Upper Limit Aviation emphasizes the skills that are most central to become an effective, knowledgeable and safe pilot. We believe that comprehensive education and training matched with practical flight experience and a vivid understanding of flight theory concepts will aid pilots in their quest to become the best pilot that they can be. As a professional fixed-wing pilot who has trained at Upper Limit Aviation, you can be sure that your skills will reflect a versatility that will enable you to work in the career of your choice. Call 1-855-HELIEDU to get started with your flight training today.


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