Flexjet Sends Signals That Aviation Industry Recovery Is For Real

Yet Another Reminder That the Recession is Over for the Aviation Industry — Growth!

One of the surest signs that the aviation industry is back in full swing is to take a quick look at how the private charter business is doing. Corporate jet travel is usually one of the first areas where you’ll notice a downturn in the economy, as executives adopt belt tightening measures to lower expenses. That trend usually trickles down to the rest of the aviation industry, as fuel costs usually rise and demand decreases, creating a mixture of factors that indicate industry-wide uncertainty.

learjet part of flexjet order future pilotsWell, thankfully, the opposite is also true. When things are good for private charter carriers, things are typically good for the rest of us as well. So I guess it’s good news then to hear that a group of investors is taking control of Flexjet and making it its own entity, separate from parent company Bombardier, and their first act of business is to order somewhere in the neighborhood of $5.2 billion dollars worth of aircraft.

The initial $1.8 billion is going toward a total of 85 jets, including 20 Challenger 350s, 10 Challenger 605s, 25 Learjet 75s and 30 of the upcoming Learjet 85s. The remainder of the deal sees Flexjet acquiring a further 160 jets.

This is some of the best news that pilots will have heard recently. The corporate flying world is an enticing business for professional airplane pilots to get into. With a market that looks to expand indefinitely, plenty of jobs to be filled, and emerging evidence of ample global opportunities, now is the time to get your foot in the door.

If you’ve ever considered training to become a professional airplane pilot, now might be the time to follow through on those thoughts. The forecast is for sustained growth, but getting in on the ground floor is never a bad idea when it comes to opportunities like this.

With deliveries expected starting around Q4 of 2014, time really is of the essence.

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