Flight Training – 466,000 Pilots Needed to Meet Demand

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Pilot hiring surge expected during the next decade – photo: Brandon Farris

It’s no secret that the world is in need of experienced and skilled pilots. Boeing recently predicted an aviation-industry hiring surge that will add more than 466,650 pilots by the year 2029. It’s predicted to be the biggest commercial pilot hiring event in history. After what has been a drought in pilot-hiring, the ever-expanding global market has opened the doors for new pilots to begin working.

The sudden surge in hiring will likely keep flight schools worldwide busy for a long time, providing revenue not only to the school, but to the economy. While the recession in the United States drags on, a massive hiring sweep provides a ray of hope in an otherwise dismal market. The Dean of the Florida College of Aeronautics at Florida Tech in Melbourne, Winston Scott, says that, “They are all shopping at stores, going to restaurants…it’s an incredible influx to our economy.”

The potential hiring surge is being encouraged by several factors. First, the expanding market for travel in Asia, which may surpass North American travel in a matter of years, contributes to the demand. Second, proposed changes are in the works that would dictate new rules on flight training requirements. Finally, as the economy in the United States improves, there is a greater demand for air travel.

Enrollment for flight training in Florida has gone up at least 5 percent in the last year, and the numbers are expected to climb. The significant growth in the aviation industry is estimated to continue over the next ten years.

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