Flight Training – A “New” Way To Pay?

Even student pilots can earn money while flying according to Fly and Earn

Even student pilots can earn money while flying according to FlyandEarn.com

Paying for flight training is now a major obstacle for most would-be pilots. Past sources of financing have all but dried up, gas prices are skyrocketing, and the cost of earning a license or rating have never been higher. But in times like these people get creative about pursuing their passions, and that’s exactly what Jay Taffet of Fly and Earn did. Taffet developed a revenue-generating system that he says even student pilots can use to earn money while flying. According to Taffet, his system is 100% compliant with all FAA regulations regarding pilots’ compensation and that a traditional requirement, the commercial pilot certificate, is not necessary to earn money with his program.

Taffet set out to find a way to pay for his own flying ten years ago and created the Fly and Earn program for the aerial photography market, even though he had no experience as a professional photographer. “I started this side-business ten years ago to pay for my flying and, by the second year, I earned $35,000 and bought an aircraft. It has been exciting flying and the best income supplement ever since” says Taffet on his website. Taffet tells pilots that aerial photography is a simple, lucrative side business that requires no experience or skills, no photography experience, and can be started with a digital camera and a small investment.

For more information on the Fly and Earn business model, please visit www.flyandearn.com.

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