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By Pat Cobleigh
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What makes one flight training academy better than another? There are many things – training aircraft, quality of the ground school, the curriculum, management, the local weather – and importantly, the flight instructors themselves. Phoenix East has consistently been told by students and graduates that ALL of these things listed are what make PEA a superior flight school. Graduates also often emphasize the dedication, skills and caring attitudes of the flight instructors.

With currently approximately 60 full-time, professional flight instructors, the student pilot is in good hands at PEA. Learning to fly is not simple, and it’s not easy. You need to have a strong desire — a “passion” — for aviation; a student pilot also needs to have a sense of dedication and perseverance – plus you need good teachers.

At Phoenix East Aviation, the student has a special mentor guiding him/ her: That instructor has one goal – to help the student succeed in training and to become a skilled, safe pilot. If you need extra help, your instructor will be there to assist – 24/7. PEA instructors are full-time, not just weekend instructors. At PEA they fly and teach you every day. Many are university graduates with aviation degrees; others are former military or airline pilots. They are all FAA-trained and at minimum, hold Commercial Pilot Licenses, as well as Certified Flight Instructor, Certified Flight Instructor Instrument and Multi-engine Instructor ratings.

In addition, Phoenix East’s Flight Department is structured and managed like an airline, with an equivalent level of professionalism. It includes a Flight Standards Department and a Department of Corporate Safety and Security, as well as having a Chief Pilot and two Assistant Chief Pilots. In addition, PEA is one of only a very few independent U.S. flight academies that is nationally accredited. To become accredited, an academy must periodically go through a rigorous evaluation to assure its high standards in education. The instructors are part of this accreditation assessment.

Phoenix East is well-known for training pilot candidates for airlines worldwide – the list of airlines is long (for details, see www.pea.com). Not only are PEA students from countries throughout the world, but so also are the instructors: they are currently from Germany, Guatemala, Norway, England, Israel, India, Venezuela, Iran, Brazil, Denmark, Greece, Uruguay, Scotland – and of course, also from the U.S. At PEA, students are prepared to become professional pilots.

PEA instructors are right now teaching student pilots from over 50 countries throughout the world. In the past three years. Phoenix East has taught men and women from 90 different countries to fly. Students from all over the world want to join the academy for flight training. Why? It’s because of the academy’s well-known quality of education and its excellent reputation with airlines worldwide. Phoenix East Aviation does indeed “Teach the World to Fly.”

Contact a Phoenix East Aviation Admissions Officer today for more information on pilot training or dispatcher training at Phoenix East Aviation. Welcoming men and women of all nationalities and ethnic groups, Phoenix East Aviation encourages interested students to learn how they can enjoy rewarding careers as professional pilots. Complete an information request form or telephone an Admissions Officer at 1-386-258-0703.

Phoenix East Aviation, Inc. provides comprehensive pilot training, specializing in professional flight instruction. FAR Part 141, private, commercial and multi-engine professional programs and FAR Part 61 courses are offered. The school is nationally accredited and is approved to offer Veteran Benefits under the G.I. Bill, as well as offering M-1 and F-1 visa programs for foreign students. Headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida, where the climate permits flight operations 350+ days a year, the school has been in continuous operation since 1972.

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