Flight Training Scholarship Celebrates Life of Patrick Marzitelli

Flight Training Scholarship

Patrick Marzitelli Flight Training Scholarship will offer two $3,000 awards per year.

Patrick Marzitelli’s family recently launched a new flight training scholarship program in memory of their son, Patrick who died tragically in May 2010. According to a Marzitelli family press release, “John and Maria Marzitelli have established the Patrick Marzitelli Science and Aviation Scholarship Fund and launched a website to provide exceptional young men and women with the means and support to pursue their passion for learning about science and aviation. Two $3000 scholarships will be awarded annually, one to the White Bear Lake High School (Patrick’s high school in Blaine, Minnesota) senior demonstrating the strongest interest in science, and one for aviation study – reserved for employees of airports similar in size to the one Patrick worked at. Both winners will also have demonstrated a strong commitment to community service and their families.”

Patrick worked as a lineman at Cirrus Flight Operations at the Anoka County airport in Blaine, MN. On the evening May 21, 2010, Patrick reported to his girlfriend that he’d been “splashed with jet fuel” and was coughing. Later that evening, a co-worker found Patrick with his head submerged in fuel in the inspection hatch of a tanker truck he’d been refueling. His cause of death was accidental aviation fuel inhalation.

The family’s press release goes on to say “Patrick was a very special kid and we really want people to know what was lost,” said John Marzitelli. “We are also pleased to announce that White Bear Lake Area High School will offer Aviation and Aerospace as an elective course for students beginning in 2011. It is our goal to expand this offering to other high schools over the next two years.”

To learn more please visit http://www.patrickmarzitellifund.com/

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