Flight Training Success – Sunrise Aviation Grad Earns Type Rating

Airbus A320

Airbus A320 – photo courtesy Brandon Farris – all rights reserved

A recent graduate of Sunrise Aviation in Orlando Beach, Florida credits his training with his ability to pass the Airbus A320 type rating requirements in less than two weeks. Kienan Jabbour completed all the phases of pilot training, from a private pilot license to a commercial pilot license, between September 2010 and the end of January 2011. He then enrolled at Aerostar Training Services in nearby Orlando, where he completed the Airbus A320 rating by mid February. Before he enrolled at Sunrise Aviation, Jabbour had no flying experience.

Sunrise Aviation specializes in getting students through their training in a timely manner. While lessons proceed at each student’s own pace, as is typical of flight schools, many Sunrise Aviation students have completed their training relatively quickly. The school estimates that students starting from the beginning, as Jabbour did, will reach the level of commercial pilot in about six months. Some have completed their certifications a little faster. Jabbour’s time of four and a half months sets a new record for Sunrise Aviation.

The location of the school provides good flying weather for most of the year. Sunrise also has a fleet of over 40 aircraft. The school’s website provides testimonials from many satisfied graduates, most of whom speak highly of their instructors and personal interactions with them.

Kienan Jabbour gives similar credit. When asked about his training, he said, “The instrument and multi-engine training at Sunrise Aviation helped me build a strong base for my A320 type rating training. Of course, flying the jet is a lot different and a lot harder and way different in some aspects. But without the help and guidance of the flight instructors and management at Sunrise Aviation, I would not have been able to reach my dream so quickly.”

While a commercial pilot’s license is required to apply for entry-level jobs at airlines, being type-rated for certain aircraft increases a candidate’s chances. With an A320 type rating, Jabbour can fly most planes within the Airbus category.

Sunrise Aviation has successfully trained students from 50 countries in all levels from private pilot to flight instructor.




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