Fractional Jet Ownership Is a Big Driver of Modern Airplane Pilot Jobs

A Reliable Source of Jobs for Qualified Flight School Graduates

Fractional jet ownership can provide a reliable source of interesting work for today's pilotsOpportunities for professional fixed-wing pilots are at an all time high now that the global economy is nearing full recovery. Outpacing the growth in the economy overall and in line with other areas of growth in the aviation sector, fractional jet ownership nearly doubled, up 96% in the year between January of 2012 and January of 2013. One company, Flexjet, plans to hire twenty pilots in 2013, with plans to continue hiring in the double digits over the years to come. While one company’s remarkable success should be applauded, it should also be taken as a broader indication of where the market is moving toward.

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Reading Industry Trends Can Help You Decide Where to Concentrate Your Studies

General aviation is now completely globalized. While there are plenty of opportunities available wherever a pilot would like to seek work, astute pilots know that the biggest strides are to be found in areas at the nexus of a newly flush economy with an emerging business and aviation industry. For instance, fractional jet ownership is also on the rise in Latin America and other hotspots of development around the world. You’ve probably heard that China’s economy is westernizing, and along with it, their aviation industry. There is a legitimate reason to believe that aviators who take advantage of these international opportunities may be writing their own tickets to success.

Regardless of where you choose to pursue a career, it’s important to remember that establishing yourself as a pilot takes time, hard work, dedication and patience. While nearly all pilots are working toward a specific career that they’ve dreamt of pursuing, the experience you gain in your training will expose you to a variety of occupational possibilities. Reading the market, following your heart, and being open to evolving opportunities will be the best way that you can find your own path to success after completing flight training at Upper Limit Aviation (1-855-HELIEDU).


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