Guidance Aviation Chief Pilot Credited with Mountainside Rescue

White Tank Mountains, Arizona – Wednesday, Feb 29, 2012
Hunter French, the Designated Pilot Examiner and Chief Pilot for Guidance Aviation and a Department of Public Safety (DPS) Air Rescue Pilot, made a dramatic rescue yesterday after a boulder rolled off a mountainside and struck five teenagers as they were hiking in the White Tank mountains.

French hovered the helicopter on the side of the mountain to pick up the teenagers who could walk.  The teenager in critical condition was long lined off the side of the mountain in a stretcher to ambulances waiting below.

The five teenagers were from Aqua Fria High School and were struck by the boulder while on a morning hike Wednesday, February 29, 2012.  It is reported that the teenagers decided to go for a hike that morning since classes were starting later due to scheduled testing.

At the 2:13 mark, as reported by, you can hear French’s account of the incident in the video.

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