Helicopter Training – ApexHeli Oregon Announces New Long-Line Course

long line helicopter courseApexHeli Oregon, Inc. announced the opening if its long line and vertical reference training program. The comprehensive program is designed for commercial helicopter pilots with the end result being an FAR Part 133 endorsement.

According to an ApexHeli press release, the course is not just a simple introduction to long line and vertical reference it is course built to provide pilots the experience needed to earn a position flying external loads.

The course is instructed by industry professionals that have thousands of hours conducting external load and long-line work and still work in the industry. For many commercial pilots gaining long-line proficiency, actual experience can be the difference in getting job offer or not.

The course includes work with a variety of different load combinations and work with line lengths of between 25 and 200 feet in both steel and nylon.

Click here to learn more about Apex Helicopters and to contact the school for more information.

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