Hour Building – A New Endorsement or Rating May Be The Answer


If your flying goals require some hour building, we’ve got a few ideas that will not only make your time building fun, but add skills, knowledge, and endorsements and ratings to your logbook.

Our new article Flight Training: Quick Courses For Building Time explores some of the flight training courses you can complete quickly and for less money than advanced ratings, namely the tailwheel endorsement, high performance/complex endorsement, and the seaplane rating. Here’s just a sample of the article. Be sure to click through to read the whole thing:

For the most part flight training consists of active training, where you are flying with an instructor and learning, and time-building, otherwise known as “practicing” or building experience. The thing is, sometimes having a short term goal in mind, like a new rating, helps you stay motivated. While there are many ratings and certificates that take a lot of time to complete, there are three that you can easily complete in a few flight hours: tail-wheel endorsement, complex/high-performance endorsement, and a seaplane rating.

If you’re looking to add a little spice to your time-building, it is hard to beat any of these three courses. They are quick and affordable ways to build time while feeling like you’re accomplishing more than just turning aviation fuel into noise. Not to mention they expand your abilities and grant you access to more types of aircraft for your piloting enjoyment… read more >>

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