How the AStar is Important to the Helicopter Industry

The Importance of the AStar to the Helicopter Industry

How the AStar is Important to the Helicopter IndustryBecause change happens so slowly among helicopters, the AStar represents an important milestone in the helicopter aviation industry. We all know that helicopters may not change in significant ways over the course of several product generations. That the essential components and equipment may remain the same for a long time. A recent Bell 206 is not going to fly all that differently from an older Bell, especially to a new pilot.
But the AStar came and it made a few profound differences. For these reasons and more, Upper Limit Aviation has added an AStar to the training fleet at its Cedar City, UT campus.

The Eurocopter AStar is a World-Record Holding Helicopter

The fact that the AStar has set a few world records is a big deal in aviation circles. Landing on Mt. Everest (elevation 29,030 ft) on May 14th of 2005 was a significant milestone. The AStar is built for high altitudes and boy did they ever prove it on that day. The AStar added another notch to its belt when it was used to rescue three alpinists stranded at 26,545 feet on Annapurna 1 in Nepal. It summitted not once, but three times in order to rescue the alpinists. In other words, this is one seriously high-performance helicopter.

Beyond all of the high-flying impressive feats though, the essential truth of the AStar is that it represents a pinnacle achievement that transcends mountaintops. It is acknowledged to be the best performing helicopter in its category. It is agreed that the Astar outclasses the competition on versatility, safety and competitive acquisition and maintenance costs. The reduced pilot workload and enhanced maneuverability have made the AStar a big victory for pilots and the aviation industry alike.

To learn more about how the AStar will provide a transformative training experience for professional pilot students at Upper Limit Aviation’s Southern Utah University affiliated campus in Cedar City, UT, call 1-855-HELIEDU.

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