How To Choose A Flight School: Three Keys To Success


So you want to earn your wings, right? All you need is a pocket full of money and the right flight school. But finding that flight school is not as easy as it sounds (neither is the pocket full o’ money!).

Check out our latest article, How To Choose A Flight School: Three Keys To Success to learn more about the process. Here’s an excerpt:

On the surface, choosing a flight training school seems simple–you just pick one–but if you take your goals and budget into consideration, you can really improve your odds of flight training success. Just bear in mind, while choosing a good flight school is important, don’t be so worried you’ll make a mistake that you can’t choose; you can always switch to a different flight school later.

It may seem like a simple decision, but choosing a flight school is one of the most important elements of successful flight training. If you just toss a coin or randomly pick a school, you may be inadvertently complicating your training. While it is unlikely that you would stumble into a truly bad flight school, it is very easy to walk into a school that isn’t a good match for you. It is important that you consider your flight training goals, budget, and make sure you are looking at good programs… read more >>

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