Learning To Fly – What Type Of Flying Is Right For You?

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Once you’ve decided to learn to fly, you’ll quickly learn that flying can be divided into many categories. We find that most aspiring pilots fall into one or more of the categories described in detail in our latest article, Learning To Fly – What Are My Options?

The first step in earning any type of pilot license is starting Private Pilot training, but it’s not necessarily as simple as that. Your ultimate flying goal plays an important role in the type of school you choose, as well as the type and capability of the aircraft you will be flying.

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No matter your intentions, learning to fly is exciting and imparts a sense of accomplishment unlike any other. Learning to fly is just the start of the adventure, too. Once you complete your training, you can slip off for a weekend in the islands or have lunch halfway across the country. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

You’re considering learning to fly, but you also don’t know much about it. You might be wondering what options are available or why you should learn to fly. To answer directly, there are three basic reasons to learn to fly… read more >>

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