Multi Engine Time Building: What to Consider Before Choosing a Program

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If you’ve got some experience in your logbook, but you need more hours for a future rating or job, you might want to consider a multi engine time building course. These courses are great for gaining experience and a perfect way for future airline pilots to add a little boost to their resume.

In our new article Multi Engine Time Building: Three Things to Consider we discuss several things to think about when looking into multi-engine time building, including expense and aircraft complexity. The following is a sample of the article, click through to read the whole thing:

If your end goal is an airline career, you should run to the nearest flight school offering multi-engine time building course. When was the last time you saw a single-engine airliner? The fact is, no matter how small, most airliners are multi-engine affairs. Taking this into consideration, airlines are likely to show preference to candidates with a higher amount of multi-engine experience.

If you’re looking for time-building courses, chances are a multi-engine time building course is right up your alley. With the increased cost and complexity, multi-engine time building will boost your motivation to stay on top of your training and, for those seeking an airline career, there is no substitute for good multi-engine experience…read more >>

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