New Directory Helps Pilots Find FAA Medical Examiners

By Woody Robinson – FindTheData
Screenshot of FindTheData's new AME directory

FindTheData's new AME directory makes finding an FAA doc in your area a snap

I’ve always hosted a tinge of jealously towards those who pursue a lifestyle in aviation. While pilots have fulfilled a near celebrity status, the hard work and dedication required to achieve a successful aviation hobby (or career) is often times overlooked. With intense competition and huge educational costs, pilots understand that the glamor associated with flying is sometimes a hazed stereotype.

For those still interested, finding a credible flight school can be a daunting task. While asking around at your local airport may offer useful information, it’s only a starting point. Whether you’re looking for flight schools that offer part 61 or part 141 flight training programs, Kyle and the folks at have compiled a great resource that offers insight to the processes of becoming a pilot.

Similarly, FindTheData recently finished building a directory of Aviation Medical Examiners that will allow pilots to get or maintain their medical certificates with ease. You can easily compare and analyze examiners based on several factors (location, medical specialty, first class examiner, etc). Whether you’re a pilot in need of obtaining your medical certificate or simply interested in getting your 60 month renewal (pilots under 40 years old), check out this resource and feel free to offer suggestions or feedback.

Woody Robinson is a graduate of University of California Santa Barbara and now works in Business Development for FindTheBest and FindTheData

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