Phoenix East Aviation Announces New Grants for U.S. Military Veterans

By Kyle Garrett

Phoenix East Aviation flight training veterans grantsU.S. military veterans eligible to receive Post 911 G.I. Bill benefits now have two new options for career flight training through Phoenix East Aviation. The Daytona Beach flight academy announced it will begin awarding two different grants, the Patriot Institutional Grant Alpha, and Bravo which can reduce flight training costs up to $3,000 and $1,500 respectively.

According to a Phoenix East press release dated August 4th, 2010, “These special grants will further reduce the veteran’s career pilot training costs. The Phoenix East Aviation Patriot Grant Bravo provides a segment of the grant as each phase of pilot training is successfully completed, up to the total of $3,000 ($1,000 for Private Pilot License, $1,000 for Instrument Rating, and $1,000 for Commercial Multi-Engine Rating) for students enrolling in the Basic with Multi-Engine Professional Course; it is especially attractive for students who do not yet have a Private Pilot License, as the Montgomery GI Bill does not include Private Pilot Training. The Phoenix East Patriot Grant Alpha is designed to contribute approximately 5% toward training tuition for a Multi-Engine Commercial/Instrument Course for those veterans who already have a Private Pilot Certificate.”

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