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By Mark Large

What happens when two long-time friends …both independent flight instructors with years of flying experience, decide they want to open a flight school together? They have diverse aviation backgrounds but a shared common love of aviation. Hank Schaller, in addition to being a flight instructor has an aviation background as an aircraft broker, consultant, charter pilot and international ferry pilot delivering aircraft to South American clients. Mark Large has an aviation background in jet leasing and financing and a diverse flying background primarily with humanitarian flights to the hurricane exposed southeastern U.S. as well as the Bahamas and Haitian relief. As flight instructors they bring a wide range of real-life flight experiences to share with their students. Our flight instructors all share the desire to create realistic scenarios that help the student more quickly apply what they are learning.

Mark Large

Mark Large, co-owner of Legacy Aviation LLC

All pilots are required to master certain academic material; additionally students must also master flying skills specific to the ratings and certificates sought. Schaller and Large focus on how to apply the material learned to real world flying experiences. The FAA has shifted the training focus from not only mastery of how to fly, but also how to make good flight decisions. What do you do when schedules, weather, aircraft equipment among other things don’t work out as planned? Shaller and Large hope to produce pilots who are not only proficient but able and capable of making good flight choices.

Legacy Aviation was formed out of this common bond. We are a part 61 school which gives us flexibility to meet the FAA training regulations within the context of the needs of our students.

Hank Schaller

Hank Schaller

Shaller and Large want to pass along their personal aviation legacies to the next generation of pilots. Our clients are mix busy professionals, aspiring future professional pilots and many who have simply dreamed of learning to fly and are now living their dreams.

Our available aircraft are well maintained, IFR equipped and some of the most affordable at Fort Lauderdale Executive (KFXE). Give us a call and let us help you reach your aviation goals.

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