Pilot Training – What’s The Best Aircraft?

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When you decide to go into pilot training, you’ve got a lot of decisions to make: which school, which instructor, what type of airport, what type of program, and on and on. Let’s throw one more decision in there… what type of aircraft? Believe it or not, you may have a choice in the type of aircraft you fly, and it’s important to weigh several factors when making that choice.

We just added a new article, Learning To Fly: Choosing An Aircraft For Training and we think you could learn a lot from what we have to say. Here’s a quick sample from the article:

Thanks to the sheer amount of aircraft available a little bit of consideration is important when deciding on an aircraft for training. You’re going to spend a lot of time in it, so it should be something you will enjoy flying and that will enhance your training. Better still, you’re going to do better and learn more if you enjoy your flight training aircraft.

When it comes to flight training, you will spend a great deal of time in a particular aircraft. A large portion of the costs associated with training will go to providing that aircraft. Considering this, choosing a training aircraft should be an important factor when deciding on a flight school. Here’s three tips to help you choose… read more >>

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