Piper Aircraft Adds PiperSport LSA to its Line

By Kyle Garrett

scdaveata_copy(3)Piper Aircraft announced the newest addition to its family of aircraft, the PiperSport LSA. According to the company’s website, the entry level LSA model starts at $119,900 and the fully loaded version tops out at $139,900, including advanced avionics, Dynon flat panel instrumentation, and an autopilot. The light sport aircraft will be available in three levels of trim and all will include a BRS airframe parachute. The plane is powered, like most LSAs, by the venerable Rotax 912 which runs on either 100LL aviation fuel or premium unleaded auto fuel.

The all-aluminum PiperSport is a re-badged version of the Czech Sport Aircraft “SportCruiser” which has been available for several years worldwide. Click here for more information on the PiperSport LSA.

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One Response to “Piper Aircraft Adds PiperSport LSA to its Line”

  1. There’s an excellent video called “Inside the PiperSport” that just got posted on YouTube. In it, the key insiders at Piper who worked on the PiperSport program talk about the design, performance, and flying experience of this aircraft. Piper says they’re taking first-come first-served reservations at $10,000 on their website. YouTube video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2Y_iKheofk