Professional Helicopter Pilot Trivia: Marine One

Professional Helicopter Pilot Trivia: Marine One

Professional Helicopter Pilot Trivia: Marine OneIt wouldn’t be difficult for many professional helicopter pilots to name the most prestigious job a pilot can fly. The pilots who fly Marine One choppers have the most highly honored job that a professional helicopter pilot can work. Granted, this is not a job that civilians can apply for, but for those dedicated servicemen and women who do pursue the job, the privilege is treasured. Instead of civilian professional helicopter pilots, Marine One is usually operated by the elite HMX-1 Nighthawks Squadron. Marine One’s origin story is somewhat surprising, as it was first in service in 1957, used not to advance some important diplomatic mission, but to transport President Dwight D. Eisenhower to his summer home in Rhode Island. Marine One made the South Lawn of the White House into the most important helipad in the world. Upper Limit Aviation (1-855-HELIEDU) cannot, unfortunately, promise that our graduates will one day go on to pilot Marine One, but we do encourage all of our graduates to dream big, and we believe that our professional helicopter pilot flight training can help them to obtain the career of their dreams.

Marine One is a Dream Career for Many Professional Helicopter Pilots

Marine One is not actually a single chopper, but instead it describes any helicopter transporting the president. At various times, VH-3’s, VH-71 Kestrels and other helicopters have been used, but there is currently a contest that was put out to the aviation industry to come up with a design for a new Marine One chopper. A fascinating fact about Marine One is that there are usually up to five decoy helicopters up at any given time that Marine One is in flight. Professional helicopter pilots will easily understand one of the primary purposes of Marine One. It is simply less hassle to take Marine One than it is to organize a motorcade and plan a route. This fact is one of the central reasons that the helicopter aviation industry has taken off like it has. As industry seeks to increase efficiency, helicopters provide one of the best chances we have to be able to make good on that need.

So, what does all this have to do with professional helicopter pilot flight training you might ask? Well, Upper Limit Aviation wants to ask our student pilots to dream big. Because we are giving you skills that will empower you with the limitless potential to achieve your dreams. Today’s high-achieving helicopter pilots will tell you that just about any heli job is a reward and a blessing, but we want our students to understand that they can be whatever they want to be. All you have to do to get started at finding the helicopter career of your dreams is call 1-855-HELIEDU to speak to one of Upper Limit Aviation’s admissions specialists about the next steps to take.


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