Ready for Some Fun? Sun n’ Fun Airshow!

You’ve always wanted to fly and you want to be a professional pilot. Well, then we recommend maybe an airshow or two as the airshow season begins to heat up.  If you’re close to the east coast, specifically Florida, then go check out the Sun n’ Fun Airshow in Lakeland, Florida (KLAL).

From March 27th – April 01, there’s just about everything a Fly-In and Airshow can offer at the Sun n’ Fun.  Forums, workshops, airshows, FAA forums, evening events, movies, showcase fly-bys, balloon launches, youth activities, student tours, aerospace education and more.

Is this an AD for Sun n’ Fun? Nope, we just love airplanes and flying.  If you want to be a pilot and have the ability to get to Lakeland, Florida, go!Sun n Fun Air Show 2012 We guarantee you’ll catch the flying bug.  Afterwards, go to Aviation Schools Online to become a professional pilot.

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