Seaplane Rating Training: Choosing a Good Seaplane Rating Course

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If you’re considering seaplane rating training and you want to make sure you select a good seaplane rating course, we’d like to help. When selecting a seaplane rating course, there are three things you should look for that will help you gain the right skills and knowledge for maximum impact during your training.

In our new article Seaplane Rating Training: Three Elements Of A Good Seaplane Rating Course we run down the elements of good seaplane rating training, including finding structured training. The following is just a sample, be sure to click through to read the entire article:

Regarding the check-ride, look for a school with an examiner on staff. This isn’t an attempt to “guarantee a pass,” but rather, to guarantee a check-ride on schedule. The trouble with quick training, like seaplane rating training, is that you’d likely need to schedule an independent check-ride well before you did the training to ensure that it happened on schedule. If the school has an examiner on staff, it is typically a planned part of the training; you can schedule the check-ride an hour before you take off. The examiner still reports to the FAA, but you don’t have to be worked into their schedule.

There are plenty of good seaplane rating training programs all over the country. If you keep these things in mind while shopping around, you are sure to find yourself in a beautiful place for one of the most fun days of flying you can have…read more >>

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