Signs of a Coming Hiring Boom in Asia for Helicopter Pilots

What Should Professional Helicopter Pilots Do When Opportunity Comes Knocking?

We’ve been calling it for a while now, along with most of the rest of the soothsayers in our industry, but Asia is looking to be the Wild Wild West in terms of opportunities for professional helicopter pilots, pretty much any day now.

News recently arrived that Henan New Continental Business Aviation recently acquired the first EC145s to be obtained anywhere in Asia. The China based charter company plans to launch its business with the two custom designed Mercedes-Benz style helos for VIP corporate transport operations.

China’s burgeoning private and business transport market is making room for several helicopter operators to get their feet planted in an untapped market. VIP transport is a relatively new concept to the rapidly modernizing private market in China.

Henan is poised to be the first of an emerging group of private companies operating a fleet of corporate and charter transport service helicopters.

helicopter order china changes industryIn addition to the EC145s, they’ll also be acquiring an AS350, which followers of Upper Limit Aviation will know that we recently acquired for training at our Cedar City SUU campus.

Pilots Are Taking Advantage of Helicopter Aviation Industry Changes

The reason we’re reporting on this is because we want the global helicopter community to be aware that pilots and soon-to-be-pilot students who are considering where they should look for a career might consider making a radical change of location. We know it sounds kind of crazy, but what can we say? The opportunity to get in on the ground floor of what is sure to be a massive segment of the aviation industry is kind of a crazy possibility.

There’s plenty of incredible opportunities available at home, but it’s possible that a life changing choice like looking for work on a continent where there are very few trained pilots, where demand looks set to outpace growth anywhere else in the world, would sort of make its own case… Particularly for pilots who have yet to settle down with a family here in the States.

We’re not saying it’s the only opportunity out there, but if we were fresh out of training, it might be hard to make a case that there would be a more exciting place to be a professional helicopter pilot today.

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