Silverhawk Aviation Academy Gets M-1 Visa Approval, Adds Location

By Kyle Garrett – Aviation Schools Online

Silverhawk Aviation Academy announced today that it is now approved to offer helicopter pilot training to students using M-1 Visas and has opened a new training facility in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Silverhawk Aviation Academy

Silverhawk Aviation Academy

According to the company’s website, the Part 141 school operates eight helicopters and has been in the helicopter school business since 1998. The school typically has about 50 enrolled students at any given time.

According to Catherine Weber, Silverhawk’s owner, the school recently gained M-1 visa approval and is now actively pursuing international helicopter pilot candidates for training. M1 visas allow international students to attend training at schools in the U.S. that are not associated with a college or university for up to one year. However, immediately after graduating, M-1 visa students are required to return to their home country. In addition, unlike some other student visas, M-1 students are not allowed to work in the U.S. during training, or after attending training.

To learn more, please visit Silverhawk Aviation Academy‘s site, or request more info from Silverhawk.

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