Southern Utah University ULA Students Use Eurocopter A-Star

Southern Utah University ULA Students Use Eurocopter A-Star

Southern Utah University ULA Students Use Eurocopter A-StarAlthough aviation can sometimes seem to move at a glacial pace in terms of adopting changes — just look at how long a given model of aircraft can stay in service — when changes do emerge, they are often seismic in impact. We believe that as a flight school, that while it is possible to teach the fundamentals of flight training in a range of aircrafts, our students should have the opportunity to work on the best equipment. The equipment they use in training should prepare them for life as a professional helicopter pilot. That’s why Upper Limit Aviation has acquired a Eurocopter A-Star. The industry has been moving away from the Bell 206 toward the A-Star, and we felt the time was right to make a change. Upper Limit Aviation (1-855-HELIEDU) is proud to offer the industry standard A-Star for student training.

Updated Equipment Finds Upper Limit Aviation Making the Shift to the Eurocopter A-Star 

Many people consider the A-Star to be the defining helicopter of our time. Its reputation as the best helicopter in its category is uncontested. The diminished workload it places on pilots as well as its more versatile maneuverability are appealing features to many pilots. When it comes to cost, safety, performance and many other measures, the Eurocopter A-Star is the helicopter to beat. One of the primary benefits of the A-Star is that it excels in some of the conditions that can give other helicopters trouble. It performs well in high heat and high altitude environments.

Southern Utah University is situated at nearly a mile up elevation-wise. From this height, we are able to provide optimal high altitude training conditions. The Upper Limit Aviation flight training program has paired with SUU in order to offer the best pilot training and allow our graduates to obtain a Bachelor’s degree. The partnership with SUU offers further enticements to prospective helicopter pilots due to the fact that we can offer a broader range of financial assistance programs to our private pay customers. Whether you’re a veteran using the Post 9/11 GI Bill or a civilian looking for an exciting career in aviation, our admissions officers can help you figure out the funding stream that works best for you.


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