Spartan Deploys Full-Motion Flight Sim

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Spartan has been training professional pilots for more than 80 years

Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology added a flight simulator to its curriculum almost a year ago and the new device has proven to be very successful. Redbird, the Advanced Aviation Training Device, has increased student learning and enhanced flight skills as a whole for students. The Redbird Advanced Aviation Training Device has many features including visuals that wrap around and a customizable cockpit that is fully enclosed.

The cockpit can be configured as a Cessna 172 aircraft with traditional gauges or as a 172 with the latest Garmin FMX1000 glass panel cockpit. Redbird’s simulator is a flexible training system and can also be outfitted to replicate a Piper Seminole twin-engine aircraft, the type Spartan uses for advanced pilot training.

Jeremy D. Gibson, CEO/President of Spartan College, has expressed his excitement over the Redbird, stating that it flies like a real airplane. To see further comments from Mr. Gibson, you can visit

Instructors can use a laptop computer to simulate many types of aircraft and weather problems while the students are experimenting with the Redbird flight simulator. Students become so engrossed and involved in the movement of the simulator, they sometimes forget that it is actually a simulator!

Other training features of the Redbird Advanced Aviation Training Device include:

  • Portable instructor panel software
  • Training that is based on scenarios
  • Mission database that is user-customizable
  • Quick-change configurations for cockpit layout
  • Unique pilot key system
  • Complete airport and terrain databases
  • Maximum 40 degree roll, 50 degree pitch, and 60 degree yaw

Redbird Flight Simulations got started in 2006 with a goal to make simulators available to theĀ  general aviation industry. Redbird delivers advanced, reliable, and high-quality training devices to colleges, universities, flight schools, and pilots all over the world.

Redbird has grown to be the most innovative simulator provider in the flight industry; Redbird has over 300 devices in service all over the world. One of the reasons that Redbird has been so successful is the fact that the price is affordable for colleges, universities, and others. Redbird provides high-quality service and support for its customers. Redbird Advanced Aviation Training Device is a simulator product on the leading edge and of the highest quality. For more information about Redbird, you can visit

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