Sport Pilot Training: Why Pursue A Sport Pilot Certificate?

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We think sport pilot training is a great way to get started in aviation. If you don’t agree, we’ve got several reasons to seek a sport pilot certificate that should convince you.

In our new article Sport Pilot Training: Three Reasons To Pursue A Sport Pilot Certificate we offer three great reasons sport pilot training makes a great introduction to flying, such as reduced cost and advanced aircraft. The following sample is just a start, be sure to click through to read the whole article:

Depending on your outlook, the area where sport pilot is most restrictive is aircraft selection. As part of the regulations, sport pilots can only fly aircraft meeting the light sport aircraft, or LSA, standard. While it is restrictive, it isn’t overly so and generally it isn’t a mystery whether a plane is an LSA or not. There are plenty of purpose-built LSA, like the Remos GX or Icon A5, and still more legacy LSA, like the Piper Cub or Aeronca Champ, just waiting. Just don’t expect to go tooling around in the ubiquitous Cessna 150 or 172.

Whether you’re no more than a casual flier or embarking on a long professional pilot career, sport pilot training is a great way to learn to fly…read more >>

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