Steve Harvey and American Airlines team up again on mentoring weekend

How do you know what you can become if nobody shows you the way?

That’s kind of the thought behind these annual camps that entertainer Steve Harvey puts on each year with the help of American Airlines, aimed at teenage boys being raised by single moms.

This year, the third annual Steve Harvey Mentoring Weekend gets underway Thursday at the Steve Harvey Ranch in Little Elm. More than 100 boys from around the country were expected to attend the event, which continues through Sunday, Father’s Day.

Here’s what American has to say about what goes on:

“Steve Harvey, American Airlines employee volunteers, including African-American pilots and aircraft mechanics, will be on hand to meet and mentor the teenage boys, who will learn about the skills needed to become a pilot or an aircraft mechanic. The teenagers will also gain exposure to, and learn about, other careers in the aviation industry.”

“The statistics all support the fact that a young man raised in a home with an active father is so much more likely to experience success,” Harvey said in American’s announcement.

“All the young men who are attending this camp come from homes without fathers. If we can reach them and provide them with options to achieve, then this weekend will be a success not just for them, but for future generations,” he said.


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