The Partnership Between ULA and SUU

The Benefits of an Upper Limit Aviation and Southern Utah University Partnership

The Partnership Between ULA and SUUUpper Limit Aviation has recently partnered with Southern Utah University in order to form a venture that will greatly enhance the opportunities available to students seeking to become professional pilots. Upper Limit Aviation has made great strides to expand their program to include opportunity enriching relationships that add value to the training students receive. By partnering with Southern Utah University, Upper Limit Aviation has taken another step along this path to cement its reputation as a leader among flight training institutions.

Upper Limit Aviation sought to expand into a third program, both to continue the trend of company growth by increasing the number of students attending ULA programs, but also a means to diversify the types of training that they are able to offer. While all students who attend ULA schools will receive excellent, comprehensive flight training that will benefit them throughout their careers, the campus a student chooses may make them ideal for specific needs in specific jobs, right out of the gate.


Why Southern Utah University’s Location Will Benefit Upper Limit Aviation’s Students

Southern Utah University is located in Cedar City, UT, at an elevation of 5,622 feet. This altitude is ideal for students seeking high-altitude training. When students take off, they’re already nearly at altitudes ideal for that sort of training. Upper Limit Aviation believes that in order for its students to maintain a competitive advantage, they must take advantage of all the opportunities and resources available to them. For this reason, the Cedar City location has built-in benefits for professional pilot students.

To learn more about the opportunities available to students pursuing a flight training education through Upper Limit Aviation’s Southern Utah University program, call 1-855-HELIEDU.

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